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What Is Value Investing

on Sep 19, 2014
What Is Value Investing
Value Investing is an investing philosophy propagated by Benjamin Graham which focuses on investing in securities which are selling at a price less than what they are actually worth. The value investor should have long investment horizon.
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Current valuation and Tinder potential make IAC attractive

on Sep 19, 2014
Current valuation and Tinder potential make IAC attractive
IAC incurred significant write-down charges on account of the US Supreme court ruling against Aereo. Going forward, the Tinder monetization opportunity represents a good topline and bottom line growth potential. IAC valuations combined with Tinder monetization potential could present investors with a good upside over the next one year. Our IAC stock analysis re-iterates our positive long term outlook on IAC stock.
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eBay's PayPal taking on Apple payments

on Sep 18, 2014
eBay's PayPal taking on Apple payments
For the first time in a while, PayPal is on the defense in a category it has dominated for long. PayPal addresses Apple pay by launching an anti-Apple payment ad campaign and accepting Bitcoin payments. eBay also launched a mobile ad marketplace through which it may generate $1.2-$1.5 billion in annual revenue eventually, on top of the fees it generates from transactions. Going forward, PayPal could develop a better strategy for monetizing mobile commerce volume, but it will take a while for these developments to unfold.
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Twitter Takes On Facebook Officially In e-commerce Race!

on Sep 18, 2014
Twitter Takes On Facebook Officially In e-commerce Race!
Twitter's recent blog post confirms its e-commerce ambitions. Twitter will be taking on arch rival Facebook in the e-commerce race. We look at Twitter's new feature and compare some of its key numbers with those of Facebook's.
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LinkedIn Stock Analysis Post The Recent Rally

on Sep 17, 2014
LinkedIn Stock Analysis Post The Recent Rally
LinkedIn's revenue growth and user monetization rates look very encouraging. However, poor profitability and lackluster user growth and engagement are factors to be considered while evaluating LinkedIn. LinkedIn's stock has gained by over 50% in about 4 months and is a risky bet at its current valuations.
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alibaba ipo analysis

Alibaba IPO is touted to be one of the biggest tech IPOs. How big will it be? What does it mean for Yahoo which owns a 22.4% stake, and Amazon its rival? View our complete analysis and news on the Alibaba IPO.
Yahoo Undervalued Post Alibaba IPO
Yahoo is undervalued based on a sum of the parts analysis.
Alibaba IPO: Avoiding Facebook IPO mistakes
Facebook went public in a hyped IPO in 2012 that yielded a very disappointing return from the first day of trade.
Alibaba IPO: Who owns the Chinese giant?
Alibaba IPO shareholders will only have "claim to profits" of the Chinese owned variable interest entities without any direct ownership of these companies.

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ardenghifer on Current valuation and Tinder potential make IAC attractive on Sep 22, 2014
Please read: http://seekingalpha.com/news/1967805-iac-pops-on-barclays-upgrade-tinder-and-vimeo-cited
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stncws on E-Commerce China Dangdang stock charts DANG stock price : $12.82 on Sep 18, 2014
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steve.hane on Apple stock analysis AAPL stock price : $102.13 on Aug 28, 2014 What do you think of Apple now that it's back at an all time high?
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Jimmy Witts on Geospace stock analysis GEOS stock price : $42.4 on Jul 30, 2014 Short and Medium Term = Very Bearish Long Term = Neutral