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Amazon Earnings Review: Q4 2014

on Jan 31, 2015
Amazon Earnings Review: Q4 2014
Amazon reported its Q4 2014 results after the market close yesterday. The company reported earnings per share of 45 cents on revenue of $29.2 billion, beating earnings estimates while missing revenue estimates. Our Amazon stock analysis post Q4 highlights the valuation risks associated with Amazon’s stock, reflecting our long term negative outlook on the company.

Top 5 Facebook Acquisitions

on Jan 31, 2015
Top 5 Facebook Acquisitions
Facebook acquisitions like Whatsapp and Instagram have helped improve user engagement and make the social networking site sticky. These recent acquisitions and innovations will help drive Facebook valuation.

What To Expect From IBM Stock In 2015

on Jan 30, 2015
What To Expect From IBM Stock In 2015
IBM Q4 Earnings saw revenues fall for the fourth straight quarter in a row. Even though IBM's core business will continue to drag revenues, the company hopes that its foray into new businesses like the Apple-IBM partnership will have a positive impact on IBM stock.

Technical Analysis: Cisco, Twitter and Genpact

on Jan 29, 2015
Technical Analysis: Cisco, Twitter and Genpact
Twitter stock price has formed a double top pattern. Cisco stock price is seen forming a head and shoulders pattern. Genpact stock price is seen approaching the 20 day moving average line, which has been providing support since mid-October. RSI indicates Genpact stock is oversold.

LinkedIn Earnings Q4 2014 Preview

on Jan 29, 2015
LinkedIn Earnings Q4 2014 Preview
LinkedIn earnings for Q4 2014 are due on 5 Feb 2015. LinkedIn's revenue guidance for Q4 seems conservative. LinkedIn is likely to beat revenue and earnings estimates. However, LinkedIn valuations are expensive given LinkedIn's revenue growth and profitability.

Facebook Earnings Review: Q4 2014

on Jan 29, 2015
Facebook Earnings Review: Q4 2014
Facebook reported earnings of 54 cents in Q4 2014 on a revenue of $3.85 billion, beating analyst estimates on both topline as well as bottomline. Mobile ad revenue registered 100% YoY growth and video views per day averaged 3 billion in December 2014.

How We Went Wrong With Yandex

on Jan 28, 2015
How We Went Wrong With Yandex
Yandex's stock price fell by nearly 60% in 2014. In spite of its strong revenue growth, profitability and very cheap valuations, the strongly negative macro-economic environment outweigh fundamentals. Though attractive, Yandex could be a risky bet.
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stock analysis videographs

Our stock analysis video graphs give investors valuable insights on the top tech stocks. We do detailed analysis of the fundamentals-from revenue growth, free cash on hand to valuation multiples like price earnings ratio. This analysis is presented in a unique, easy to understand video format. Our stock analysis of the companies help long term investors get a clear picture of a stock's value.

Apple earnings preview Q1 2015
Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) Stock Analysis

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Comprehensive stock market analysis, investment research and earnings reports analysis on top technology stocks.

ipo analysis

IPO or Initial Public Offerings are always exciting especially those of tech companies. At Amigobulls, we strive to look at all the fundamentals of these tech companies to determine appropriate valuations and come up with the IPO price that we think is fair with the aim of helping investors decide if they should participate in these tech IPOs. See our coverage of upcoming tech IPOs like Box IPO, AirBnB IPO, and more.
5 Things You Must Know About The Box IPO
In light of the upcoming Box IPO, we look at its revenue growth, profitability, user base, and valuation that investors should be aware of to evaluate the Box stock, before it goes public.
Airbnb: A Potential IPO Candidate
Airbnb has raised $450M at a valuation of $10B.
Red Hot IPOs That Are Due To Hit You In 2015 - Part 1
With a lot of interesting companies scheduled to go public in 2015, our 3 part series on Red Hot IPOs will cover much talked about IPO candidates like DropBox, Box, Airbnb, Uber, Spotify, Snapchat, Pinterest and Square.

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Analyzing a stock requires one to look at a lot of stock data and stock information. We try and explain some of the terms that apply while doing fundamental analysis of technology stocks.

Exploring Amazon’s High PE Ratio

Amazon has historically pursued a topline focused strategy, which is being questioned by investors. Amazon's reinvestment is generating lower sales than before, raising questions on the strategy of reinvesting more to drive topline growth. The cost trends in tandem with deteriorating trends in payables and inventory can take a toll on Amazon's cash flow, the prime measure of the company's performance. Our Amazon stock analysis reflects our negative long term outlook on Amazon.

Modified RSI: A great Technical Analysis tool

Developed in collaboration with one of the most acclaimed minds from the world of technical analysis, our technical analysis algorithm has delivered outperforming results, beating the broad S&P 500 index by 8.7%, on an average, over the last decade in terms of returns over six months. These kind of returns have been fuelled by picks like Apple Inc., which was picked up by the algorithm for 81 weeks. The algorithm picked Apple between 2004-2012, a period which saw the stock gain close to a whopping 5000%. The stock has returned average 6 month returns of 24%, outperforming the S&P 500 index with a success rate of 73%.Continue reading to check out our technical analysis strategy and our other top stock picks

What Has Amazon Failed At?

A list of failed products launched by Amazon. With zero profits and increasing competition for Apple and Google, investors must be cautious of Amazon stock.

The Most Effective Approach to Stock Investing!

Every investor in the stock market follows either one of the two broad strategies of fundamental analysis or technical analysis. Ever wondered what is your style? Do you make decisions based on sensational news and rumours or do you buy or sell because your broker tells you to or do you analyse all the financial statements before making a decision? Read on to find your investment style and also which is the best strategy to use!

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arnulacroix22 on Shire (SHPG) stock price SHPG stock price : $219.26 on Jan 31, 2015
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Watch GURE @current levels, it has found natural gas resources under its bromine well in Sichuan area Check this out
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HarryG on Apple stock analysis AAPL stock price : $112.98 on Jan 25, 2015 bullish
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kenman31 on Yahoo stock analysis YHOO stock price : $50.1 on Dec 02, 2014 Alibaba evaluation should have pushed YHOO to mid $60 range, however the high short interest on this ...

LinkedIn Earnings Q4 2014 Preview