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Ctrip Q3 2014 Earnings Preview

on Nov 21, 2014
Ctrip Q3 2014 Earnings Preview
Ctrip will announce its earnings report on 25th November. The companies revenues are likely at 33% while margins will decline. Ctrip's partnership with Priceline and market growth in china is likely to increase revenues. However margins will decline. Company remains risky at current valuations.

EMC: Optimal Strategy For The Future

on Nov 21, 2014
EMC: Optimal Strategy For The Future
EMC has a federal control structure over its subsidiaries VMware and PIvotal. EMC can sell its stake in VMware and pursue an aggressive policy in the fast growing cloud computing market.

Why Facebook At Work Makes Sense For Facebook! (video)

on Nov 20, 2014
Why Facebook At Work Makes Sense For Facebook! (video)
Facebook, with its large user base, is well positioned to make a foray into the professional networking space. Facebook At Work could drive Facebook's user base, monetization rates, revenue growth and open up a window to China. LinkedIn will be watching Facebook's moves closely.

HP: Past Mistakes And Future Relevancy

on Nov 20, 2014
HP: Past Mistakes And Future Relevancy
Stock buyback policy has hurt HP along with some of the biggest M&A follies in the past decade. The splitting up of HP into two entities marks the start of a new chapter.

Swarm Mobile Acquisition Could Drive Groupon Growth

on Nov 19, 2014
Swarm Mobile Acquisition Could Drive Groupon Growth
Groupon recently acquired in-store analytics start-up Swarm Mobile. The acquisition could go a long way in increasing the merchant attractiveness and improving the targeting ability of Groupon. The improved targeting abilities will increase user engagement and drive Groupon's revenue per user leading to higher revenue growth.
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Our stock analysis video graphs give investors valuable insights on the top tech stocks. We do detailed analysis of the fundamentals-from revenue growth, free cash on hand to valuation multiples like price earnings ratio. This analysis is presented in a unique, easy to understand video format. Our stock analysis of the companies help long term investors get a clear picture of a stock's value.

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Comprehensive stock market analysis, investment research and earnings reports analysis on top technology stocks.

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IPO or Initial Public Offerings are always exciting especially those of tech companies. At Amigobulls, we strive to look at all the fundamentals of these tech companies to determine appropriate valuations and come up with the IPO price that we think is fair with the aim of helping investors decide if they should participate in these tech IPOs. See our coverage of upcoming tech IPOs like Box IPO, AirBnB IPO, and more.
Airbnb: A Potential IPO Candidate
Airbnb is likely to come for IPO.
5 Things You Must Know About The Box IPO
The Box IPO is expected by the end of 2014.
Alibaba IPO: Mispriced But Reasonably Valued
Alibaba IPO ended day one of trading with a 38% gain, raising questions whether the IPO has been underpriced.

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Analyzing a stock requires one to look at a lot of stock data and stock information. We try and explain some of the terms that apply while doing fundamental analysis of technology stocks.

How to read a balance sheet beyond the numbers? Part II: Liabilities

We, at Amigobulls have always aimed to help you be a better investor.

5 Valuable Investment Quotes from Warren Buffett

“Rule No.1: Never lose money.

BlackBerry: A Turnaround Story?

.BlackBerry’s revenues declined from $5.5 billion in Q4 2012 to $916 million in Q2 2015, a decline of 83.5%.

Share Repurchases: Value creation or destruction?

Stock buyback or share repurchase is the process where in a corporation repurchases its stock from the existing shareholders in exchange for cash.

Modified RSI Algorithm: Great Technical Analysis Tool

Modified RSI algorithm has out performed the S&P 500 average many times over last 10 year period.

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Complete coverage of latest stock market news, press releases and financial markets news on top tech stocks.
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GrowthInvestor on Why Facebook At Work Makes Sense For Facebook! (video) on Nov 20, 2014
but agree that its huge potential; for facebook
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GrowthInvestor on Why Facebook At Work Makes Sense For Facebook! (video) on Nov 20, 2014
facebook at work is trying to get into enterprise. mostly competes with microsofts yammer, chatter, ibm connections and not exactly linkedin.
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nagarkar.vikram on Twitter stock analysis TWTR stock price : $40.47 on Nov 18, 2014 Our Facebook Twitter Comparison Video ...
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steve.hane on Apple stock analysis AAPL stock price : $102.13 on Aug 28, 2014 What do you think of Apple now that it's back at an all time high?