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How We Went Wrong With Yandex

on Jan 28, 2015
How We Went Wrong With Yandex
Yandex's stock price fell by nearly 60% in 2014. In spite of its strong revenue growth, profitability and very cheap valuations, the strongly negative macro-economic environment outweigh fundamentals. Though attractive, Yandex could be a risky bet.

Yahoo Earnings Review: Q4 2014

on Jan 28, 2015
Yahoo Earnings Review: Q4 2014
Yahoo reported EPS of $0.3 on a revenue of $1.18 billion against Wall Street estimate of $0.29 EPS on revenue of $1.19 billion. Yahoo is planing to spin-off its entire stake in Alibaba into a separate investment holding company. The shares of the new holding company will be allotted to shareholders on a pro-rata basis.

Apple Earnings: Q1 2015 Review

on Jan 28, 2015
Apple Earnings: Q1 2015 Review
Apple is set to report its Q1 FY2015 earnings on January 27th after market close. Record iPhone sales driven by iPhone 6 models will drive Apple revenue and profits. Our Apple stock analysis assigns a buy rating to the stock, with strong topline and earnings growth expected over the next year.

Baidu Valuations Still Attractive Post 2014 Rally (Video)

on Jan 27, 2015
Baidu Valuations Still Attractive Post 2014 Rally (Video)
In spite of the 28% rally in Baidu's stock price, valuations have improved in 2014. Baidu valuations indicate a strong upside potential in 2015, with price targets ranging from $311 to $354 a share. Baidu is an attractive long term investment option.

Technical Analysis: IBM,Amazon and Western Digital

on Jan 27, 2015
Technical Analysis: IBM,Amazon and Western Digital
IBM stock price has been consistently hitting the 20 day moving average resistance line since November 14th 2014. The price has tested the moving average on many occasions, breaching it on a few occasion, but falling back below 20 day moving average line as it was unable to sustain the momentum.

Facebook Metrics See Strong Growth In Q4 2014

on Jan 27, 2015
Facebook Metrics See Strong Growth In Q4 2014
Facebook ad partner Nanigans has released its latest global Facebook advertising benchmark report for Q4 2014. Nanigans reported a solid growth in all the major metrics of CPC, CPM and CTR, indicating a strong holiday quarter for Facebook.

IACI Earnings Preview: Q4 2014

on Jan 26, 2015
IACI Earnings Preview: Q4 2014
InterActive Corp is scheduled to report its Q4 2014 earnings estimate before market hours on Feb 11. The analyst consensus is for the company to report earnings per share of 87 cents on revenue of $799 million. Growth in the Search and applications segment along with Tinder monetization could lead to another earnings surprise from IACI in Q4.
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stock analysis videographs

Our stock analysis video graphs give investors valuable insights on the top tech stocks. We do detailed analysis of the fundamentals-from revenue growth, free cash on hand to valuation multiples like price earnings ratio. This analysis is presented in a unique, easy to understand video format. Our stock analysis of the companies help long term investors get a clear picture of a stock's value.

Apple earnings preview Q1 2015
Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) Stock Analysis

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Comprehensive stock market analysis, investment research and earnings reports analysis on top technology stocks.

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IPO or Initial Public Offerings are always exciting especially those of tech companies. At Amigobulls, we strive to look at all the fundamentals of these tech companies to determine appropriate valuations and come up with the IPO price that we think is fair with the aim of helping investors decide if they should participate in these tech IPOs. See our coverage of upcoming tech IPOs like Box IPO, AirBnB IPO, and more.
5 Things You Must Know About The Box IPO
In light of the upcoming Box IPO, we look at its revenue growth, profitability, user base, and valuation that investors should be aware of to evaluate the Box stock, before it goes public.
Airbnb: A Potential IPO Candidate
Airbnb has raised $450M at a valuation of $10B.
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With a lot of interesting companies scheduled to go public in 2015, our 3 part series on Red Hot IPOs will cover much talked about IPO candidates like DropBox, Box, Airbnb, Uber, Spotify, Snapchat, Pinterest and Square.

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Analyzing a stock requires one to look at a lot of stock data and stock information. We try and explain some of the terms that apply while doing fundamental analysis of technology stocks.

Share Repurchases: Value creation or destruction?

Stock buyback or share repurchase is the process where in a corporation repurchases its stock from the existing shareholders in exchange for cash. Share repurchase by itself is not good or bad. It depends on the reasons behind the repurchase and the circumstances in which it is carried out.

Google: The complicated stock split

As a part of yesterday's bouquet of announcements, was Google's announcement regarding its unique stock split; one that will leave investors with two different kinds of shares, adding a 'Class-C' share to a palette that consists of Class-A shares and Class-B shares. While it may not be something that should perturb the average investor, as far as the Google management is concerned, it's the proverbial cake that they will both have and eat.

Learn to Earn: Smart Investors avoid Common Pitfalls!

Successful investors avoids certain common investing mistakes and thus improving chances of achieving investment success.

Demystifying 'EVA'

We, at Amigobulls believe that identifying value stocks is the core of stock analysis. One of the most important tools for a value investor is economic value added (EVA), a term widely used but rarely understood. Following our recent articles on WACC (weighted average cost of capital) and ROIC (return on invested capital), we shall focus on 'Economic value added (EVA)' and its implications for an investor.

High PE Stocks: Fools rush in where angels fear to tread!

Price-to-earnings ratio (or PE ratio) has been used by all well informed investors to quickly check if a stock is fairly priced compared to the company's ability to generate net profits.

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Complete coverage of latest stock market news, press releases and financial markets news on top tech stocks.
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Nasdaq PowerShares ETF QQQ -2.7 (-2.59%)
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DJIA ETF DIA -2.91 (-1.65%)
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Boingo Wireless (WIFI)8.510.35 (4.29%)
Constant Contact (CTCT)39.220.96 (2.51%)
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QuinStreet (QNST)5.680.11 (1.97%)
Netflix (NFLX)454.177.61 (1.7%)
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E2open (EOPN)6.40.47 (6.84%)
Angie's List (ANGI)4.930.21 (4.09%)
Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD)34.4551.28 (3.58%)
Rackspace Hosting (RAX)45.691.66 (3.51%)
United Online (UNTD)13.870.49 (3.41%)
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Alliance Fiber Optic Products (AFOP) 15.050.41 (2.8%)
Immersion (IMMR) 9.510.08 (0.83%)
Universal Display (OLED) 31.070.94 (3.12%)
Yahoo (YHOO) 47.991.45 (2.93%)
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GrafTech (GTI) 4.070.08 (2.01%)
ManTech International (MANT) 31.520.35 (1.1%)
Semtech (SMTC) 26.740.64 (2.34%)
Veeco Instruments (VECO) 31.220.42 (1.33%)
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StocksMan on Apple Earnings: Q1 2015 Review on Jan 27, 2015
iphone6 is doing very well. The worry is about future, no word on iwatch or itv (or appletv or whatever). iwatch will be the first real new product line after Jobs, i am not too hopeful.
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StocksMan on Facebook Metrics See Strong Growth In Q4 2014 on Jan 27, 2015
Facebook ad revenue growth is fine but it is just not sustainable. Eventually advertisers will worry about the real ROI rather than counting number of FB followers their brand has. Anyway most of the followers are fraud.
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HarryG on Apple stock analysis AAPL stock price : $112.98 on Jan 25, 2015 bullish
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kenman31 on Yahoo stock analysis YHOO stock price : $50.1 on Dec 02, 2014 Alibaba evaluation should have pushed YHOO to mid $60 range, however the high short interest on this ...

How We Went Wrong With Yandex