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Outbrain IPO: Impressive Growth at Attractive Valuation

on Apr 17, 2015
Outbrain IPO: Impressive Growth at Attractive Valuation
Outbrain, the leader of the content recommendation market with a 25% share generated revenue of $260M in 2014, and a three year CAGR of 80%. Outbrain IPO could be valued at a very appealing PS multiple that will attract a high demand for the IPO. Within a reasonable price range, Outbrain IPO is an attractive IPO to participate in.

Akamai Earnings Q1 2015

on Apr 16, 2015
Akamai Earnings Q1 2015
Akamai is due to report its Q1 2015 earnings on 28 April, post market hours. Revenue growth is likely to slow in Q1, compared to record levels seen in 2014. Net margins could contract in the absence of US federal R&D tax credits.

Yandex Earnings Q1 2015

on Apr 15, 2015
Yandex Earnings Q1 2015
Yandex earnings for Q1 2015 are due on 28 April. Analyst estimates peg Q1 growth at 15% YoY, in line with the company's guidance. Strong results could unlock the 17% upside potential in Yandex valuations, even after the recent 27% rally.

Twitter Revenue Growth Could Slow Significantly In 2015

on Apr 14, 2015
Twitter Revenue Growth Could Slow Significantly In 2015
Could Twitter miss its 2015 revenue guidance? It's unlikely, but Twitter's user growth and engagement trends indicate that revenue growth could slow significantly in 2015, as revenue growth becomes a function of growth in user monetization rates.

Yahoo Earnings Q1 2015

on Apr 13, 2015
Yahoo Earnings Q1 2015
Yahoo earnings for Q1 2015 are due to be released on 21 April 2015. Yahoo's search share gains in the US could serve as a tailwind. Mobile revenue growth and display ad-revenue numbers are the ones to watch out for.

Google's Many Benefits From A Twitter Acquisition

on Apr 10, 2015
Google's Many Benefits From A Twitter Acquisition
Google has been struggling in the social media market for years and an acquisition could help them gain a significant market share. As another in-house development is not an option for Google, acquisition is its last resort. Twitter is the only available social media site that could benefit Google significantly to justify such a move.

Comparing Google, Baidu & Yandex: Search Engine Stocks

on Apr 09, 2015
Comparing Google, Baidu & Yandex: Search Engine Stocks
Who gave the highest returns? Who grew the most? Who was most profitable? And who's got the most attractive valuations? Comparing search engine stocks, Google, Baidu and Yandex.
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Our stock analysis video graphs give investors valuable insights on the top tech stocks. We do detailed analysis of the fundamentals-from revenue growth, free cash on hand to valuation multiples like price earnings ratio. This stock analysis is presented in a unique, easy to understand video format. Our stock analysis of the companies help long term investors get a clear picture of a stock price.

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IPO or Initial Public Offerings are always exciting especially those of tech companies. At Amigobulls, we strive to look at all the fundamentals of these tech companies to determine appropriate valuations and come up with the IPO price that we think is fair with the aim of helping investors decide if they should participate in these tech IPOs. See our coverage of upcoming tech IPOs like Box IPO, AirBnB IPO, and more.
Red Hot IPOs That Are Due To Hit You In 2015 - Part 1
With a lot of interesting companies scheduled to go public in 2015, our 3 part series on Red Hot IPOs will cover much talked about IPO candidates like DropBox, Box, Airbnb, Uber, Spotify, Snapchat, Pinterest and Square.
Cloudera IPO: Don’t Miss This Hadoop Market Leader
Cloudera which is expected to go public this year, is the biggest pure play Hadoop developer, with a valuation of $4.1 billion as of March 2014.
Pinterest IPO: Dont Pin It To Your Calendar
Trendy social scrapbooking site, Pinterest, is expected to go public next year.

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Stock analysis requires one to look at a lot of stock data and stock information. We try and explain some of the terms that apply while doing fundamental tech stock analysis.

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MACD indicator shows the direction, strength and momentum of the price changes which helps in predicting an ideal entry/exit point for a trade. Developed by Gerald Appel this is a useful tool in technical analysis.

Understanding Moving Averages For Technical Analysis

Moving average is a very important tool for technical analysis of securities. This has been one of the earliest tools used by traders to find profitable buying and selling points and is still used as a major reference point by traders and investors from all hues.

How To Read Bollinger Bands For Stock Trading

Bollinger bands measure the volatility shown by a given security. Learn to analyze bollinger bands to identify buy signals, sell signals and trends.

Top 5 Best Chinese Stocks On Nasdaq And NYSE

As the Chinese companies take their spot among the largest firms in the world there has been an increasing appetite among them to seek greater financial resources. One of the ideal ways has been through American Depository Receipts (ADRs).

5 Valuable Investment Quotes from Warren Buffett

“Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1”. Safety first is not something one would associate with the stock market. But the greatest and most successful investor of the 20th century, Warren Buffet popularly known as “Wizard of Omaha” exercised caution. Some of Buffets key principles that made him successful are: Keep it simple, Investing within your circle of competence...

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Nasdaq Internet PNQI -1.2 (-1.64%)
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Angie's List (ANGI)5.660.21 (3.85%)
Trulia (TRLA)48.361.47 (3.13%)
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Baidu (BIDU)207.870.97 (0.47%)
AOL (AOL)39.950.17 (0.43%)
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Xoom (XOOM)15.640.8 (4.87%)
Qihoo 360 (QIHU)59.042.48 (4.03%)
Constant Contact (CTCT)38.151.53 (3.86%)
Blue Nile (NILE)27.521.03 (3.61%)
Bazaarvoice (BV)5.640.21 (3.59%)
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Baidu (BIDU) 207.870.97 (0.47%)
Google (GOOG) 524.059.75 (1.83%)
NetEase (NTES) 112.683.56 (3.06%)
Sparton (SPA) 27.160.3 (1.09%)
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BlackBerry (BBRY) 9.890.04 (0.4%)
GrafTech (GTI) 4.440.06 (1.37%)
ManTech International (MANT) 32.310.65 (1.97%)
Semtech (SMTC) 25.410.59 (2.27%)
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Mike-Zaman on Transenterix (TRXC) stock price TRXC stock price : $3.43 on Apr 17, 2015
Keep a close eye on TransEnterix, Inc. (TRXC), which announced the successful completion of its GLP Studies using the SurgiBot system, the company's patient-side robotic surgery system Read more at Mike Zaman website
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stocksman on Yahoo Earnings Q1 2015 on Apr 16, 2015
What's happening with Alibaba? When will Yahoo spin off Alibaba holdings. That will be the key question this quarter. Yahoo core business is history. With alibaba gone, they won't have much money to spend on fancy acquisitions either.
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Mike-Zaman on Netflix stock analysis NFLX stock price : $475.46 on Apr 16, 2015 Keep a close eye on Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) stock. The company delivered profit numbers in its first qu ...
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Mike-Zaman on Regulus Therapeutics stock analysis RGLS stock price : $15.95 on Apr 08, 2015 Watch Regulus Therapeutics Inc. (RGLS) stock @ current levels. The company announced the selection o ...

Why Google Could Gain From A Twitter Acquisition