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Is Book Value Relevant For Internet Companies?

on Dec 17, 2014
Is Book Value Relevant For Internet Companies?
The assets created by internet companies often don't find a place on a balance sheet leading to lower book value of equity. This leads to higher price to book value ratio for internet companies, which could lead to missing out on some good investments if seen in isolation.

BlackBerry Q3 2015: Will It Be a Turnaround?

on Dec 16, 2014
BlackBerry Q3 2015: Will It Be a Turnaround?
BlackBerry is slated to report Q3 2015 earnings before the bell on Friday, December 19th. On the back of strong Passport, analyst expect BlackBerry to report an EPS of -$0.05 on a revenue of $937.41 million. The company needs to report a strong performance if it desires to convince investors about its turnaround possibility.

What is google doing to improve ad revenue?

on Dec 15, 2014
What is google doing to improve ad revenue?
Google's CPC rates stabilized in Q3, and are likely to improve in Q4, with ad-spends increasing in the holiday season. Google's strategic initiatives, like providing tools to create better looking ads, and focus on fraud prevention will add value to advertisers. With transactions of premium ads on Google's RTB growing at a fast pace, all factors combined could drive Google ad revenue growth and thereby boost Google's overall revenue growth.

Warren Buffett's Top Stock Investments Of 2014

on Dec 12, 2014
Warren Buffett's Top Stock Investments Of 2014
Berkshire Hathaway's public stock holdings at the end of Q3 2014 stood at $107.8 billion, up from $104.8 billion at the end of 2013. Wells Fargo and co continued to be Warren Buffett's top holding at the end of Q3, making up 22% of Berkshire's portfolio. 2014 saw the Oracle make complete exits from Deere and co and Starz while selling a significant stake in his biggest mistake Tesco Plc

PC Upgrades Will Drive Microsoft, Apple Growth Next Year

on Dec 12, 2014
PC Upgrades Will Drive Microsoft, Apple Growth Next Year
IDC has recently forecasted that PC shipment will consolidate over the next four years. However, recent trends in PC demand point to a resurgent opportunity on the back of PC refresh, and Windows 10. Two immediate investment ideas that come to mind are Apple and Microsoft. Both companies have exposure to traditional computers, and have stable fundamentals as well.

Can Netflix Sustain International Subscriber Growth?

on Dec 11, 2014
Can Netflix Sustain International Subscriber Growth?
Netflix's stock price is highly contingent on subscriber growth. Recent analysis, and news indicate that the company may be doing better than expected.
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Our stock analysis video graphs give investors valuable insights on the top tech stocks. We do detailed analysis of the fundamentals-from revenue growth, free cash on hand to valuation multiples like price earnings ratio. This analysis is presented in a unique, easy to understand video format. Our stock analysis of the companies help long term investors get a clear picture of a stock's value.

BlackBerry Turnaround Analsyis
Ctrip Earnings Video Q4 2014

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Comprehensive stock market analysis, investment research and earnings reports analysis on top technology stocks.

ipo analysis

IPO or Initial Public Offerings are always exciting especially those of tech companies. At Amigobulls, we strive to look at all the fundamentals of these tech companies to determine appropriate valuations and come up with the IPO price that we think is fair with the aim of helping investors decide if they should participate in these tech IPOs. See our coverage of upcoming tech IPOs like Box IPO, AirBnB IPO, and more.
Airbnb: A Potential IPO Candidate
Airbnb IPO is likely to happen in the next few months.
5 Things You Must Know About The Box IPO
The Box IPO is expected by the end of 2014.
Airbnb IPO: Legal Challenges Ahead
Airbnb, the "sharing economy" company is facing legal challenges in several jurisdictions.

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Analyzing a stock requires one to look at a lot of stock data and stock information. We try and explain some of the terms that apply while doing fundamental analysis of technology stocks.

Simplifying Return on invested capital

One of the prime reasons we see Priceline as a long term bull play is due to the attractive ROIC it generates.

How to read a balance sheet beyond the numbers? Part II: Liabilities

We, at Amigobulls have always aimed to help you be a better investor.

Modified RSI: A great Technical Analysis tool

Developed in collaboration with one of the most acclaimed minds from the world of technical analysis, our technical analysis algorithm has delivered outperforming results, beating the broad S&P 500 index by 8.7%, on an average, over the last decade in terms of returns over six months.

Why does Warren Buffett avoid technology stocks?

Warren Buffett prefers to invest in companies which operate in fairly stable and certain environments.

Google: The complicated stock split

As a part of yesterday's bouquet of announcements, was Google's announcement regarding its unique stock split; one that will leave investors with two different kinds of shares, adding a 'Class-C' share to a palette that consists of Class-A shares and Class-B shares.

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Complete coverage of latest stock market news, press releases and financial markets news on top tech stocks.
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Trulia (TRLA)47.360.73 (1.52%)
Dice Holdings (DHX)9.990.15 (1.48%)
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Alliance Fiber Optic Products (AFOP) 13.990.51 (3.78%)
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Cypress Semi (CY) 14.180.2 (1.43%)
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Veeco Instruments (VECO) 33.781.36 (3.87%)
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StocksMan on PC Upgrades Will Drive Microsoft, Apple Growth Next Year on Dec 17, 2014
I don't think PC sales are going up. It is all tablets and large screen phones going into next year.
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StocksMan on BlackBerry Q3 2015: Will It Be a Turnaround? on Dec 17, 2014
The realistic hope blackberry has is that of an acquisition. They should get some value out of their patents and the secure mobile mail software.
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kenman31 on Yahoo stock analysis YHOO stock price : $50.1 on Dec 02, 2014 Alibaba evaluation should have pushed YHOO to mid $60 range, however the high short interest on this ...
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nagarkar.vikram on Twitter stock analysis TWTR stock price : $40.47 on Nov 18, 2014 Our Facebook Twitter Comparison Video ...

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