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Criteo a Big Winner as Shift to Programmatic Advertising Continues
  • The shift from traditional display ads to programmatic ads has been benefiting companies that sell retargeting products such as Criteo
  • Criteo is the market leader in retargeting technology and its products are used by some of the biggest ad publishers including Google and Facebook
  • Criteo faces some challenges such as the use of ad-blocking software by Internet users and the use of self-serve ad platforms
  • These challenges, however, are not likely to materially affect Criteo's growth and its shares remain a good investment
Costco Stock: A Good long Term Bet
  • COSCTO wholesale corporation  has a 12 month price target of $152.41
  • Increasing membership base and warehouses expansions shows long term growth potential
  • The company’s performance is majorly driven by net sales, number of warehouses in operations and membership. Sales growth and gross margin is also affected by gasoline price, currency fluctuations and other competition
Content Recommendation Challenges Traditional Display Ads Market
  • Digital advertising is enormous; the $600B market is currently led by Internet giants Google, Facebook, and Yahoo.
  • As advertisers look for new ad channels, they turn to promoted content and content recommendation services and manage a delicate trade-off between traditional ads and new advertising services.
  • Internet giants are likely to shift focus to other evolving markets, leaving content recommendation service providers to fill in the blanks in the traditional display ads market.
Is AirBnB a Real Threat to Priceline Stock?
  • Priceline shares have been moving lower after Duetsche Bank downgraded them citing the threat posed by AirBnB.
  • AirBnB and Priceline's Booking.com home rental unit however serve different markets.
  • The kind of threat AirBnB poses to Priceline is not a direct one but a more subtle one that involves providing people with an alternative to traditional hotels.
FireEye Stock A Good Long-Term Buy despite Wall Street Downgrades
  • FireEye shares have been selling off following downgrades by UBS and Barclays
  • Both analysts cited FireEye's huge runup
  • FireEye shares have limited near-term upside
  • The shares, however, remain good investments over the long-term
Will Samsung Mobile App Deal Lift Red Hat Stock?
  • Red Hat has announced a new partnership with Samsung to create enterprise-ready mobile apps
  • The new apps together with Red Hat's cloud platform will help Red Hat to continue diversifying its business
  • Red Hat shares have limited near-term upside potential but good long-term potential
Should You Buy What You Buy?
  • One of the underlying belief of discount brokers is the notion of buying what you know.
  • This is something which leads to the recent Fitbit IPO. Should you buy Fitbit at its current earnings multiple of 150x?
  • So, buy what you know only when it's priced rightly as an investment.
IACI: The Match Group Spin-off To Unlock Potential
  • IAC/InterActiveCorp spins off its match division, which consists mainly of dating services.
  • Spin-offs are part of IAC’s business model, and previous examples showed very prominent post-spin-off performance for the standalone stock.
  • Need to wait for the official documents to be filed to quantify the opportunity in this spin-off.
Media Merger Mania Is Coming
  • Merger mania is coming to the media business.
  • A single merger or acquisition move could set off a series of similar moves in this space.
  • If you like mergers, there are a number of media names to watch, starting with Viacom.
Does an AMD Split Or Spinoff Make Sense?
  • AMD shares have tucked on impressive gains on news about a possible split of its server business from its core graphics card business
  • While this at first appears to be counterintuitive since it would remove the synergies that its graphic cards and server business share, the pros outweigh the cons
  • AMD can still benefit from its much-anticipated Zen chips even after a split
Medicare is Why You Buy the Health Insurer Stocks
  • Health Insurers have provided investors with premium returns since the affordable care act was announced in 2010.
  • However, there are some who believe that the Supreme Court might invalidate subsidies to state exchanges built into the ACA law, which might lead to a collapse of Obamacare.
  • Turns out this is infact a reason to continue buying stocks like United Health, Aetna and their likes.
Biotech Will be the Next Dot Bomb
  • Historical stock markets crashed were often preceded by clear patterns, which often repeat themselves before unleashing turmoil in the market .
  • The patterns help to identify parts of the market which might be getting too ahead of themselves like housing in the last decade and Internet in the decade before that.
  • These patterns are now evident among bio-techs and a bust in the booming bio-tech sector may not be far from reality.
After a 50% Plunge, Is Etsy a stock to buy?
  • The niche marketplace Etsy had a very successful IPO, and its stock price yielded more than a 100% return for early investors.
  • Overvaluation, alleged counterfeits, disappointing Q1 results, and growth concerns turned Etsy into a falling knife.
  • The strong negative sentiment against Etsy should start to fade away, and, at $10-$12, the stock should become attractive again.
TripAdvisor Stock Analysis: Instant Booking Platform Can Become A Major Growth Driver
  • TripAdvisor shares have rallied impressively on news that it has managed to bring Marriott Group of Hotels under its Instant Booking platform
  • TripAdvisor launched Instant Bookings a year ago, and describes it as a cross between a metasearch and an OTA
  • Though leading OTAs have refused to make their inventory available on Instant Bookings due to obvious competitive concerns, the platform has real potential to become a significant growth driver for TripAdvisor
Nvidia Stock Analysis: Why Nvidia Is Likely To Maintain Its GPU Leadership
  • AMD has lately been providing a credible challenge to Nvidia's dominance in gaming GPUs
  • Both Nvidia and AMD recently launched high-performance but low-cost GPUs
  • Nvidia, however, managed to launch its GTX 980 Ti a few days prior to AMD's launch, which might have forced AMD to lower its price points to match those of Nvidia
  • It does not appear likely that AMD will be able to wrestle much market share from Nvidia due to its limited R&D resources compared to Nvidia's
Facebook Has Hit the Right eCommerce Button with Shopify Deal
  • Facebook has struck a deal with ecommerce company Shopify to  make its Buy Button available to Shopify merchants
  • Facebook has lately taken a divergent approach regarding doing ecommerce on its site by letting third-party merchants sell on the site as opposed to Facebook trying to sell directly
  • This approach is designed to increase user engagement on the site and appears poised to become a success
Fitbit IPO Update: Long-Term Investors Should Avoid Fitbit as its Glory Days Are Behind It
  • The fitness tracker company Fitbit went public and surged more than 100% above the initial IPO price.
  • Fitbit surged in a booming fitness trend and presented substantial top-line growth rates and positive net profit.
  • Smartwatches will likely kill the fitness tracker market as it happened to MP3 players and E-readers when smartphones and tablets gained popularity.
  • For now, Fitbit is a stock to avoid until a clear business plan is presented to explain how the company plans to compete in the post-smartwatch era.
Microsoft Launches Larger Xbox One: Is MSFT Evolving into a Hardware Company?
  • Microsoft has unveiled a larger 1TB Xbox One gaming console ahead of the E3 gaming conference.
  • The company's consoles have been selling very well which has led to its hardware segment becoming its second-fastest growing.
  • How is the low-margin segment impacting on Microsoft's margins?
Exit of Internet Explorer a Welcome Reprieve for Google Chrome Growth
  • Microsoft has announced that it intends to retire its popular web browser Internet Explorer and replace it with a new one
  • The transition to a new web browser is likely to lead more people to try new web browsers such as Google Chrome, currently the leading web browser
  • More people shifting to Google Chrome will help Google to lower its spiraling traffic acquisition costs
Twitter Square Merger, Is It A Possibility?
  • Many speculations are thrown into the air about a possible merger between Twitter and Square.
  • Both companies could benefit substantially from such a move, in light of their competitive difficulties and business stagnation.
  • High valuations may be hard to overcome, however, a partnership between the two companies could achieve the same results.
Why No One Cares About AOL
Over the last few years I’ve written several times about AOL (NYSE:AOL), the former America Online. Hardly anyone read any of it, and almost no one responded, except perhaps with political jibes directed toward Arianna Huffington. This despite the fact Huffington has created far more editorial value in the last five years than anyone in the print media business. At the time AOL was bought by Verizon (NYSE:VZ), The Huffington Post was estimated to be worth $1 billion. Contrast that with New York Times Co. (NYSE:NYT), a 165-year old company and one of the primary editorial voices in the world of ...

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