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BlackBerry Earnings Review: Q4 2015
• BlackBerry handsomely beats earnings estimates, misses heavily on revenues • Revenue shortfall largely due to declining revenue from handset segment • Operating cash flows positive for the fourth consecutive quarter Video Playback Not Supported if(videojs_fileloaded !== true){var videojs_fileloaded = true;window.onload=function(){var jsElm = document.createElement('script');jsElm.type = 'application/javascript';jsElm.src = 'http://static.amigobulls.com/js/video.min.js.gz';document.body.appendChild(jsElm);}} BlackBerry (NASDAQ:BBRY) announced its Q4 2015 and FY 2015 earnings before the markets opened, delivering its fifth consecutive earnings beat, and that too by a handsome margin. BlackBerry announced Non-GAAP EPS of $0.04, against the analysts’ estimate of -$0.05, a surprise of 9 cents. However it fell far short of its revenues estimate. BlackBerry’s revenue stood at ...
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Should You Invest In Amazon?
  • Amazon's stock has returned over 1000% over 10 years.
  • Amazon's revenue growth has been exceptional and valuations aren't expensive.
  • Amazon's lack of profitability even after 20 years as a public company, raises concerns.
Video Playback Not Supported   Video Transcript Hello and welcome to this videograph about Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN). Amazon Stock Performance Amazon's stock has had a stellar run over the last decade, gaining by, an eye-popping 1014%. Amazon's fortunes on wall street stand in stark contrast to those of eBay's, With ebay having returned just over 60% in the last decade. Amazon Valuations Even after its dream run, Amazon valuations aren't too expensive, with the stock trading at under ...
Facebook Mobile Growth Key To Stock Returns
  • Facebook has over a billion active users on mobile.
  • Facebook's revenue generation on mobile will drive future growth.
  • Facebook's user engagement and monetization on mobile augurs well for future growth.
Video Playback Not Supported   Facebook Mobile Growth: Video Transcript Hello and welcome to this videograph about Facebook (NASDAQ:FB). Where every internet company aspires to transition into a popular mobile platform, Facebook has done a commendable job. Facebook Mobile Active User Growth Facebook has over a billion active users. This number has grown at a fast clip, from 680 million active users in 2012, to 945 million in 2013, and nearly 1.2 billion monthly active users on mobile ...
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Autonomous Vehicles Market Holds Huge Potential For Mobileye Stock
  • Mobileye is one of the hottest names in the autonomous vehicles market.
  • The collision avoidance system developer grows its top line at an impressive rate from currently selling its products to top notch automakers.
  • Mobileye tries to become the industry standard for camera-based collision avoidance system.
  • While in the long-term Mobileye withholds significant potential, in the short-term it is a risky investment heavily impacted by speculations of its position in the autonomous vehicles market.
Developer of camera-based driver assistance systems, Mobileye (NYSE:MBLY) is one of the hottest Israeli tech companies lately. The Jerusalem-based firm went public last year and raised almost $1B in a ...
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Twitter Equity Dilution A Serious Risk
  • Twitter's stock based compensation expenses have exceeded $1 billion since its IPO.
  • Since Twitter's IPO, the number of outstanding shares has risen by about 74%.
  • Twitter's earnings per share dilution is a risk that investors shouldn't ignore.
Video Playback Not Supported   Author's Note Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) shares have flooded the markets since its high profile IPO in November 2013. The micro-blogging site which had about 362 million shares outstanding as per its first earnings release post the IPO, now has about 629 million outstanding shares. Twitter's generously doled out stock based compensation is responsible at large, for the flood of shares post the IPO. While stock based ...
Splunk Stock Offers Significant Upside To Investors
  • Splunk reported better than expected Q4 results.
  • Stock dropped 15% in the previous quarter, creating an opportunity for investors.
  • Investors can gain significantly in both short- and long-term.
The big data analytics company Splunk (NASDAQ:SPLK) reported record quarterly revenues of $147M in its fourth quarter, bringing its annual revenues to a record high of $451M. Splunk’s share price rose 7% following results which exceeded analysts’ expectations and the company’s guidance for revenues and EPS. Even though Splunk reported better than expected results with record high revenues, its shares plunged 16% in the three weeks following the earnings release, repeating the trend Splunk investors experienced in previous releases: sharp ...
LinkedIn Valuations: Is It Time To Get Out?
  • LinkedIn is faced with slowing growth and worsening profitability.
  • Yet LinkedIn's stock has rallied more than Facebook's.
  • LinkedIn valuations carry a significant downside risk.
Video Playback Not Supported   Author's Note LinkedIn earnings for Q4 2014 saw the company beat analyst estimates for revenue and earnings per share. The company showed improvements across metrics and pulled together a good all round performance. LinkedIn's guidance for the upcoming quarter though, was conservative, like it has been in the past. LinkedIn's revenue guidance indicated a sequential decline in revenue, a first for the professional  networking site. However, given the company's track record of issuing conservative guidance numbers and then beating ...
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Twitter Valuations Carry A Heavy Downside Risk
  • Twitter's revenue growth continues to be exceptional.
  • The lack of profitability and user growth are major risks.
  • Twitter valuations indicate a downside potential of 17%.
Video Playback Not Supported   Author's Note Even Twitter's junk rating (debt rating) by S&P hasn't dampened the interest in Twitter, as the stock has made its way back to nearly $50 a share. This is in part due to Twitter's Q4 2014 earnings, which saw the company's loss margins reduce significantly. However, for value investors, Twitter is still strictly off-bounds, as the micro-blogging site still incurs huge losses every quarter. For those who are keen to invest in social media stocks, we think ...
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Etsy IPO: All You Need To Know About Etsy
  • Etsy has filed for an IPO and plans to raise $100 million.
  • Etsy's growing mobile presence and global footprint are positives.
  • Etsy's direct traffic and repeat purchases are positive signals for the platform.
Video Playback Not Supported   Video Transcript Hello and welcome to this videograph about the Etsy IPO. Etsy, the popular online marketplace for handmade and vintage products, recently filed for an IPO, in which it plans to raise a 100 million Dollars. Etsy is classified as a B corporation which means that it has social and environmental goals in addition to its commercial goals. The company plans to use 300,000 Dollars of its ...
Key Trends To Drive Apple Growth In China
  • Apple has consistently gained smartphone market share in China since the launch of its latest iPhone models.
  • The iPhone demand in China will continue to be strong driven by the growth of China’s middle class and rising disposable income.
  • In addition, tailwinds from smartphone replacement cycle will drive Apple’s strong performance in China.
Video Playback Not Supported China has become a critical piece of the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) puzzle. The growing importance of China in Apple’s plans is quite evident now. While local competition from players like Xiaomi could upset Apple’s plans in China, Apple is on the right side of key trends, at a ...
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Apple (AAPL)
Etsy IPO: Impressive Growth At Attractive Valuation
  • Online crafts and art marketplace, Etsy, filed for IPO at the beginning of March.
  • Etsy offers impressive top-line and EBITDA growth coupled with attractive pre-IPO valuation.
  • In case Etsy IPO P/S ratio is in the range between eBay and Alibaba, it may present an attractive buy opportunity.
Etsy, the online niche marketplace, is expected to be one of the hottest IPOs in 2015. At the beginning of March, the company ended all rumors about its plans to go public and filed for IPO under the ticker ETSY. The company has not yet disclosed a date or a share price for its upcoming IPO, but investors can ...
Google Play Store Search Ads To Drive Revenue, Take On Rivals
  • Google is testing paid search listings for apps in its Play Store.
  • Google could potentially leverage Android’s global smartphone OS market share.
  • Google Play Store ads hold great potential and could drive Google’s revenue growth.
Video Playback Not Supported   With Google’s ad revenue growth slowing in recent times, the search giant has been under pressure to unveil its next growth driver. With its decision to place ads in its app store, it might have done just that. Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is now slated to enable a paid search listing within its app store, for app developers who want to run paid promotions for their apps. As ...
China: The key to Apple’s growth in Q2 2015
  • iOS market share in China has accelerated ever since the launch of iPhone 6.
  • Apple topped Chinese smartphone shipments in Q4, and continued to gain market share in January, implying strong growth in Q2 2015 iPhone sales.
  • China’s growing contribution to Apple revenue coupled with increasing shipments and market share will largely drive Apple growth in Q2 2015.
Video Playback Not Supported Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) made its way up to the peak of Mount Technology embracing disruptive innovations rather than incremental innovations. The Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad, each stood out for disrupting industries and beginning new trends and benchmarks. The iPhone 6 is Apple’s ...
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Apple (AAPL)
Google Is Playing a New Game in Virtual Reality Market
  • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality is a hot market with all Tech giants jumping into this space.
  • Google seems a little bit behind, as it discontinued the Glass project and only offered a low-cost cardboard headset that is not on par with the competition.
  • However, Google’s strategy in the VR/AR market is similar to its strategy in other consumer electronic markets.
  • Google’s Android OS and low-priced, Glass-based solution should complete Google’s offering in this market.
Smartwatches and wearable devices have received much attention lately, following the Apple Watch release and increased competition led by tech giants such as LG, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, and Motorola. However, the background virtual reality and augmented ...
Box Earnings Q4 2015
  • Box continued to report strong revenue growth.
  • Sales & Marketing spends are a long standing worry as losses continue to mount.
  • Box guidance for FY 2016 poses a serious threat to Box valuations.
Video Playback Not Supported   Box earnings were out post market hours on 11 March 2015. The stock plummeted post earnings partly because some analysts were reportedly using the wrong number of outstanding shares, which led them to arrive at a larger (than actual) loss per share. At large, the Box earnings release didn’t spring any surprises, yet, the reaction it has evoked suggests that the sharp rally post the Box IPO was ...
Why Google Might Want To Acquire InMobi
  • Google is reportedly in talks to acquire InMobi.
  • InMobi is one of the largest mobile ad networks by reach.
  • InMobi could potentially aid in-app advertising and boost eCPM rates on Android.
Google's slowing ad revenue growth has been the subject of debate of late, and undoubtedly, the search giant will be looking to make up for it, one way or another. As per reports, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) may be in the process of acquiring Indian mobile ad network InMobi for $2 billion. Going by recent developments, this could be part of Google’s two pronged approach to leverage Android’s dominant smartphone OS market share to ...
Facebook vs Twitter : Which Is The Better Investment?
  • Facebook is ahead of Twitter on most financial parameters.
  • Facebook's user base and mobile adoption is better than that of Twitter's.
  • Profitability and better valuations make Facebook the out and out winner.
Given that social networks promise to be the future of digital media and personal communication, it’s no wonder they attract such a great amount of interest from investors. Today, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) are arguably two of the biggest social media networks globally, but which one makes for a better investment? In this post, we’ll compare the two social media biggies on the basis of their market share of global ...
Cloudera IPO: Don’t Miss This Hadoop Market Leader
  • The Hadoop market leader, Cloudera, is expected to go public this year.
  • Cloudera increased revenues by 68% annually and accounted for more than 50% of the market revenues.
  • Cloudera is valued four times higher than its competitors, reflecting slightly high P/S ratio for the company.
  • Underpricing its IPO shares, attracting the attention of the market, and Cloudera’s unique positioning make this IPO one to watch in 2015.
Hadoop's solutions developer, Cloudera, is reportedly planning to go public this year. Cloudera is one of the three leaders in the Hadoop development and distribution market, along with Hortonworks (NASDAQ:HDP) and MapR. Cloudera was founded by engineers ...
Technical Analysis of Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, MannKind and Las Vegas Sands
Walmart Stock Technical Analysis: RSI indicates stock oversold Walmart (NYSE:WMT) stock has marginally breached the 100 day Simple Moving Average. The stock is in a declining trend since its earnings release. However, the price has hit the lower of the Bollinger bands indicating a likely trend reversal. Confirming the signal from Bollinger bands, RSI indicates that the stock is oversold. The RSI of 25.46 is below the oversold threshold of 30. The stock price is likely to bounce back above the 100 day SMA in next few trades. Walmart stock will find resistance at upper gap level of $86.3. Earlier the ...
Micron Technology: Demand Will Drive Future Revenue
  • Micron’s future earnings model is dependent on demand continuing to outpace supply. Production abilities also influence the revenue growth along with the market demand.
  • Outward forecasts dictate a growing mobile market will fuel demand for NAND technology. Mobile device production will outpace PC production growth.
  • Competition is fierce in the sector. The company needs to maintain and expand its revenue share or become irrelevant.
  • The stability and cost effectiveness of NAND technology makes the product more attractive to device producers. It is also faster than the spin-based DRAM technology.
Micron Technology Inc (NASDAQ:MU), the manufacturer of DRAM has always seen a demand in excess ...
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Micron (MU)
Priceline Stock Analysis Reveals An Attractive Opportunity
  • Priceline continued to outperform in 2014 on all major fundamental metrics.
  • However, the stock sidetracked for a major part of the last year and now presents an attractive risk/reward profile for long term investors.
  • The lowered valuations and improved fundamentals make Priceline an attractive investment in 2015.
Priceline (NASDAQ: PCLN) has been one of our top stock picks for over a year and a half, returning a solid 56%, handily beating 45% gains in the NASDAQ composite and a more comprehensive margin over 28.4% gains in the broader S&P 500 benchmark. Our bullish outlook on the stock is summarized in our Priceline stock ...

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