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BlackBerry Q3 2015 Earnings: Back To Profitable Days?
  • BlackBerry beat bottom line estimates while missing on top line
  • BlackBerry’s handset sales are down 5% Q-o-Q to 2 million from 2.1 million
  • BlackBerry shares are down in pre-market trade due to growth concerns.
Continuing the trend, BlackBerry (BBRY) delivered earnings surprise for the fourth quarter in a row. The company reported Non-GAAP EPS of $0.01 against analysts’ consensus of -$0.05. The turn in profitability comes much ahead of John Chen’s target of 2016, lending credence to BlackBerry turnaround possibility. However the company’s revenue were disappointing at $793 million against analysts’ estimate of $937.41 million. BlackBerry’s Revenue Decline BlackBerry’s revenue of $793 million is a ...
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BlackBerry (BBRY)
Red Hot IPOs That Are Due To Hit You In 2015 - Part 2
  • In Part 2 of our 2015 IPOs series we look at the Uber & Spotify IPOs.
  • We take you through revenue & valuations, and tell you how much it could cost you to own these companies.
  • We round up other key facts you need to know, ahead of these upcoming IPOs.
In the 1st part of this 3 part series about the most anticipated IPOs in 2015, we covered the Airbnb IPO, the Box IPO and the Dropbox IPO. In part 2, we put start-ups Uber and Spotify under the scanner, to tell you all you need to know, ahead of these upcoming ...
Google Introducing Buy Button To Counter Amazon's Threat
  • The e-commerce market is heating up with Facebook and Twitter earlier and now Google announcing a buy button.
  • Google and Amazon have recently been challenging each other with Amazon launching its own ad network even as Google has made several moves into e-commerce.
  • The successful introduction of a buy button will hold various positives for Google and could also provide the online search giant with additional monetization opportunities.
Video Playback Not Supported The online e-commerce market has seen major moves being made as competition in the space is on a rise. The rising competition has blurred the lines between internet companies and online retailers, ...
Is Book Value Relevant For Internet Companies?
  • Book value is often an important number for the fundamental investor and is used to calculate metrics like Price to book value ratio.
  • The assets of Internet companies are often intangible in nature, and do not appear on balance sheets, which leads to lower book value per share and higher price to book ratio.
  • The higher price to book ratio of technology companies could often lead to missing out on some good investments. Therefore, the relevance of book value for internet companies can be questioned.
Image © 123rf.com Book value of a company usually consists of total assets less total liabilities. This is often ...
BlackBerry Q3 2015: Will It Be a Turnaround?
  • BlackBerry is slated to report Q3 2015 earnings before the bell on Friday, December 19th.
  • On the back of its popular Passport smartphone launch, analysts expect BlackBerry to report an EPS of -$0.05 on a revenue of $937.41 million
  • The company needs to report a strong performance if it wants to convince investors of its turnaround.
Video Playback Not Supported   BlackBerry Limited (BBRY) is slated to report Q3 2015 earnings before the bell on Friday, December 19th. BlackBerry, like Yahoo, the struggling search engine (See: Yahoo Q3 Earnings), is a shadow of its former self. The current quarter has been a much happening quarter ...
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BlackBerry (BBRY)
What is google doing to improve ad revenue?
  • Google’s Neal Mohan presents some key themes pertaining to its ad network, and ad-model during the Credit Suisse Technology Conference.
  • Google has developed various methods to display ads to a legitimate audience.
  • Mohan mentioned that programmatic ad-buying is starting to impact higher value-ads, a positive development for Google.
  • Google is rolling out various services to improve the overall quality of banner/display ads.
Copyright: prykhodov / 123RF Stock Photo Google's Neal Mohan  (VP of Display and Video Advertising) has his work cut out, given the increasing competition in online advertising. At the Credit Suisse Technology Conference, he went into much greater detail about Google’s strategy on ...
Warren Buffett's Top Stock Picks 2014
  • Berkshire Hathaway’s public stock holdings at the end of Q3 2014 stood at $107.8 billion, a $4 billion increase from the end of 2013.
  • The holding in Wells Fargo and Co, at $24 billion continued to be Warren Buffett’s top holding, making up 22% of Berkshire Hathaway's portfolio.
  • The oracle continued holding on to his 15 year old investment in coca cola, accounting for 9% ownership of the beverage giant.
Buffett's portfolio has swelled to $107.8 billion with shareholdings spread across 45 companies. 2014 saw the addition of Charter Communications and Verizon Communications among others, even as Buffett exited Deere and Co and ...
PC Upgrades Will Drive Microsoft, Apple Growth Next Year
  • IDC has recently forecasted that PC shipment will consolidate over the next four years.
  • However, recent trends in PC demand point to a resurgent opportunity on the back of PC refresh, and Windows 10.
  • Two immediate investment ideas that come to mind are Apple and Microsoft.
  • Both companies have exposure to traditional computers, and have stable fundamentals as well.
Image © 123rf.com The PC industry has already gone through the most major slump we've seen in ages. 2013 was one of those years, where bears were loudly proclaiming the death of the PC. This put downward pressure on various players within the PC ecosystem like ...
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Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT)
Can Netflix Sustain International Subscriber Growth?
  • Netflix’s stock price is highly contingent on subscriber growth.
  • Recent analysis, and news indicates that the company may be doing better.
  • Going forward, the CEO of Netflix anticipates that Netflix among many others will replace broadcast television.
  • The data certainly confirms the mix-shift to SVOD, and other streaming services.
Image © 123RF Stock Photo Netflix (NFLX) reported pretty dismal results last quarter, which sent the stock sailing south. It has become increasingly obvious that Netflix needs to produce significantly better results from the prior quarter, for investors to take the investment opportunity seriously. Source: Netflix The biggest theme for Netflix is international subscriber growth, and on this ...
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Netflix (NFLX)
Red Hot IPOs That Are Due To Hit You In 2015 - Part 1
  • Our three part series covers popular tech companies scheduled to IPO in 2015.
  • We will look at Airbnb, DropBox, and BOX in part 1.
  • We will look at the revenue and valuations for these IPO candidates.
Image © 123RF Stock Photo IPO’s have drawn a great deal of interest following the record breaking Alibaba IPO in September 2014. With a lot of interesting companies scheduled to go public in 2015, our 3 part series on Red Hot IPOs will cover much talked about IPO candidates like Airbnb, DropBox, Box, Uber, Spotify, Snapchat, Pinterest and Square. In part-1, we'll take a look at DropBox, Box and ...
Facebook Wants To Be Part Of Free And Basic Internet!
  • Facebook is investing heavily in Internet.org, a program aimed at providing internet access to people who aren’t online yet.
  • Facebook wants to be a part of the “free & basic” internet access provided to every internet capable device even with no active data plan.
  • Chinese minister visited Facebook’s campus. Is Facebook wooing China?
Video Playback Not Supported Facebook (FB) has, in its recent moves, focused on the functionality and user experience of its web properties. In our recent post on Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for Facebook, we had highlighted how he wants Facebook to become like a utility service for its large user base. It has ...
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Facebook (FB)
Priceline & Expedia Could Undermine TripAdvisor Instant Bookings
  • Priceline & Expedia continue to stay away from TripAdvisor Instant Bookings.
  • Instant Bookings could remain under-utilized if big OTAs refuse to sign up.
  • TripAdvisor valuations make it a risky bet, even after the huge correction.
Video Playback Not Supported TripAdvisor (TRIP) has been expanding its mobile bookings platform, ‘Instant Bookings’. The feature has been a much anticipated one for the company following its meta-search roll-out. Combined with meta-search, TripAdvisor Instant Bookings, billed as one of the potential drivers for TripAdvisor revenue in 2014, allows users to look up various options and complete their bookings, all within the TripAdvisor mobile app. Due to its potential ...
Will Amazon and eBay Outperform in this Holiday Quarter?
  • eCommerce growth will be robust going into the holiday season.
  • eBay and Amazon should be able to meet analyst consensus revenue estimates for the quarter.
  • Fundamental concerns still linger; hence, both companies have a neutral rating.
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Amazon (AMZN), eBay (EBAY)
Will Microsoft's Acquisition of Acompli Make a Difference?
  • Microsoft has acquired Acompli.
  • The deal doesn’t generate immediate accretion, but it will improve Microsoft Office capabilities in the foreseeable future
  • This is important because Microsoft Office is the largest contributor to revenue.
  • Frequent product updates are needed, for Microsoft to retain and grow its Office 365 subscriber base.
Admittedly, Acompli doesn't generate any revenue, so it’s basically a conceptual idea that has yet to reach commercialization. Microsoft already monetizes Outlook through the Office 365 subscription. The problem with Microsoft’s e-mail client is that it’s not a primary selling point for corporate or non-corporate users. Outlook is outdated, when compared to many modern e-mail ...
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Microsoft (MSFT)
The Competitive Pressure On Amazon Is Rising
  • Amazon has been taking steps to drive more dollars to its bottomline.
  • However, pricing competition in major operating segments will increase the pressure on Amazon revenue growth and profitability over the coming quarters.
  • Amazon’s losses could increase drastically as it competes with cash rich and highly profitable competitors.
Video Playback Not Supported Amazon (AMZN), over the course of the last decade has spread its tentacles across the internet, from e-commerce to cloud solutions to hardware (Fire phones and Kindle) to software (Fire OS). However, Amazon's profitability has been a constant worry. These worries could get worse with increasing competition from Wal-Mart (WMT) in e-commerce ...
Who Rules In Online Video Advertising
  • Facebook and Yahoo have acquired top video ad-buying platforms or RTBs.
  • AOL has also shown significant improvement in reach lately.
  • Online video advertising is the fastest growing ad format, and the competition is growing for Google.
Video Playback Not Supported   Earlier this year, we had written about Facebook’s Facebook (FB) progress in the online video advertising space. Since then, there have been some interesting developments worth noting. While Google (GOOG) still leads the pack, it appears that Facebook is catching up with YouTube. We look at the changing landscape of online video advertising on desktops in the US, the latest acquisitions by Facebook and Yahoo, ...
Has Airbnb Acquired Pencil Labs?
  • Airbnb has reportedly acquired Pencil Labs.
  • Pencil Labs owns Wyth, a calendar plus messaging and scheduling app.
  • Pencil Labs could add value to Airbnb offerings and resources.
Video Playback Not Supported    Airbnb, the San Francisco based shared accommodation renting site has reportedly acquired Pencil Labs for an undisclosed purchase price. Pencil Labs’ Wyth, is a scheduling and messaging app that helps users plan and co-ordinate their get-togethers, and could turn out to be a good acquisition in the run up to the Airbnb IPO. The app, which has access to the user’s calendar, allows users to route their communications through the app and suggests ...
Thanksgiving weekend highlights opportunity for Apple pay
  • iOS users out spent their android counterparts on the Thanksgiving weekend.
  • The higher value per order of iOS users and the higher share of online traffic led to iOS users driving higher share of Thanksgiving weekend sales.
  • Billions of dollars in holiday spending, combined with the high potential of iOS users, presents Apple Pay with a significant monetization opportunity, which can drive Apple’s revenue growth.
Video Playback Not Supported   Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season in the United States. The shopping results for the weekend are out, with Thanksgiving Day online sales growing by 14% year on ...
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Apple (AAPL)
Amazon set to foray into online travel
  • Amazon is expected to launch an online travel portal focused on hotel bookings for boutique hotels.
  • The online travel industry enjoys higher profitability as compared to e-commerce, which could positively impact Amazon earnings, if executed effectively.
  • The reducing operational efficiencies and slowing topline has shifted focus to earnings growth. Failure to deliver on this metric could lead to further corrections in stock price.
Video Playback Not Supported Amazon (AMZN) has historically made huge losses, a direct result of chasing revenue growth over profitability. The focus has always been on customers, leading to rock bottom prices on most of their services. A recent attempt to ...
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Amazon (AMZN)
Airbnb IPO: Legal Challenges Ahead
  • New York Attorney General has declared that more than 75% of Airbnb’s listing in New York are illegal
  • Despite legal challenges, Airbnb continues to grow at tremendous speed pushing up its valuation
  • Continued legal and regulatory challenges in several jurisdictions is likely to delay Airbnb’s IPO
Video Playback Not Supported Airbnb, the rent sharing company, is one of the most valuable startups with the latest funding round valuing it at $10 billion. The company has been growing at a phenomenal rate in last five years. However, legal challenges continue to trouble the start-up, with the company facing existential threats in many cities. Legal challenges ...
Ctrip Q4 2014 Earnings Review
  • Ctrip beat analyst consensus on both top and bottom line, reporting an EPS of $0.36 on a revenue of $368 million
  • Ctrip’s top line growth was driven by high volume growth in accommodation and travel segment but resulted in significantly lower margins.
  • Ctrip’s stock was down in after-hours trading on guidance which included Q4 net loss and slower than expected top line growth.
Video Playback Not Supported Ctrip (CTRP) reported its Q3 2014 earnings after the market close on 25th November 2014. The company did manage to beat analysts’ estimates and its own guidance on both top and bottom line for the fifth quarter continuously. ...

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