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Outbrain IPO: Impressive Growth at Attractive Valuation
  • Outbrain is the leader of the content recommendation market, with a 25% share.
  • The company generated revenues of $260M in 2014 with an 80% annual CAGR.
  • Outbrain is valued at a very appealing PS multiple that will attract a high demand for the IPO.
  • Within a reasonable price range, this is an attractive IPO to participate in.
Continuing on my earlier coverage of technology IPO's like Etsy IPO and GoDaddy IPO, let's take a look at a potential Outbrain IPO. The content recommendation platform Outbrain is reported to have confidentially filed with the SEC, aiming to go public at the beginning of 2015. The Israeli start-up, currently located in ...
Akamai Earnings Q1 2015
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  • Akamai earnings for Q1 2015 are due to be reported on 28 April 2015.
  • Akamai's revenue growth is expected to slow compared to record levels seen in 2014.
  • Net margins could contract in the absence of US federal R&D tax credits.
Akamai Earnings Q1 2015 Video Transcript Hello and welcome to this Akamai earnings preview videograph. Akamai Earnings Schedule Akamai is scheduled to report its earnings for Q1 2015, post market hours, on the 28th of April, followed by its earnings call at 4.30 PM Eastern standard time. Akamai Q1 2015 Earnings: Analyst Estimates Analysts expect Akamai to report a revenue growth of just over ...
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Akamai (AKAM)
Yandex Earnings Q1 2015
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  • Yandex is down by about 36% YTD, in spite of the 27% recent rally in stock price.
  • Yandex valuations are attractive going into Q1 earnings, with a strong upside potential.
  • However, the macro economic uncertainties surrounding the Russian economy, make it a risky bet right now.
Yandex Earnings Q1 2015 Preview: Video Trasnscript Hello and welcome to this Yandex earnings videograph. Yandex Q1 2015 Earnings Schedule Yandex earnings for Q1 2015, are due to be announced on the 28th of April, prior to market hours, followed by the company's earnings call, at 8 AM Eastern standard time. Yandex Q1 Earnings Analyst Estimates Analysts expect Yandex ...
Twitter Revenue Growth Could Slow Significantly In 2015
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  • Twitter's user growth has slowed significantly and user engagement has declined.
  • Twitter's revenue growth could become a function of growth in user monetization rates.
  • Twitter's revenue growth could slow to just over 60% in 2015.
Author's Note Twitter's revenue growth has been driven largely by two factors, growth in Twitter's timeline views, and growth in its ad revenue per 1000 timeline views (monetization rate). Twitter's user growth has really tapered and user engagement levels have been on the decline, implying that the only way for Twitter (NASDAQ:TWTR) to sustain its revenue growth, is to improve its monetization rate. With revenue growth becoming a function ...
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Twitter (TWTR)
Yahoo Earnings Q1 2015
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  • Analysts expect to see a Y/Y decline in Yahoo's revenue and Non-GAAP EPS.
  • Yahoo's search share gains in the US could serve as a tailwind.
  • Yahoo's display ad-revenue growth and mobile share of revenue will be watched.
Yahoo Q1 2015 Earnings Preview: Video Transcript Hello and welcome to this Yahoo earnings preview video. Yahoo Earnings Date & Earnings Schedule Yahoo is due to release its Q1 2015 earnings on 21 April 2015, post market hours, followed by its earnings call at 5 PM EST. Yahoo Earnings Analyst Estimates Q1 2015 Analysts expect Yahoo's revenue and non gap earnings per share to decline on a year ...
Google's Many Benefits From A Twitter Acquisition
  • Google has been struggling in the social media market for years and an acquisition could help them gain a significant market share.
  • As another in-house development is not an option for Google, acquisition is its last resort.
  • Twitter is the only available social media site that could benefit Google significantly to justify such a move.
Once again, internet giant Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is rumored to acquire Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) in another attempt to challenge Facebook’s dominance in the social media market. In recent years, social media usage has slowly evolved from personal interacting and day-to-day event-sharing to news consumption, social involvement, job search, and crowd investing. As the impact of ...
Comparing Google, Baidu & Yandex: Search Engine Stocks
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  • Baidu delivered the best revenue growth in 2014.
  • Yandex was the most profitable of the three companies.
  • Baidu's stock gained by 40% while Yandex has fallen by as much in the last 12 months.
  • Valuations of the three stocks offer opportunities for different sets of investors.
  • Yandex valuations are attractive, but the stock is risky bet right now.
Comparing Search Engine Stocks : Video Transcript Welcome to this videograph comparing search engine stocks, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU) and Yandex (NASDAQ:YNDX). Google Baidu Yandex Comparion: Stock Returns It's been a year of contrasting fortunes for search engine stocks. Baidu's stock returned a little over 40%, even ...
Vipshop Stock Analysis: Why Vipshop Has Returned Over 5000%
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  • Vipshop has returned 5000% in 3 years, more than 5 times Amazon's 10 year return.
  • Vipshop has delivered stellar revenue, user and order growth.
  • Vipshop is profitable, but gross margin expansion will make it a compelling investment option.
Why Vipshop Has Returned Over 5000% : Video Transcript Welcome to this videograph about Vipshop (NYSE:VIPS), China's flash sale e-commerce portal. Vipshop Stock Return Since IPO Vipshop has returned over 5,000 percent since its IPO, a little over 3 years ago. That's nearly 5 times as much as Amazon has returned over the last decade. Let's look under the hood, to see what's triggered such ...
TripAdvisor Valuations Improved But Not Good Enough
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  • TripAdvisor's stock has fallen by 23% since June 2014.
  • TripAdvisor has shown improved growth trajectory and reduced dependence on ad-revenue.
  • Given TripAdvisor's dwindling profit margins, a PE of 52 is steep.
TripAdvisor Valuations: Video Transcript Hi. Welcome to this videograph about TripAdvisor (NASDAQ:TRIP). In spite of the huge correction, Trip Advisor is a risky bet. Here's why. TripAdvisor's Stock Price Correction TripAdvisor's stock has corrected by a good 23% since June twenty fourteen. Subsequently TripAdvisor valuations have also improved significantly. TripAdvisor Revenue Growth A Positive There are other positives for the travel site, like it's improved growth trajectory in recent quarters. And of course, the ...
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TripAdvisor (TRIP)
GoDaddy Stock Analysis reveals Huge Risks
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  • A web-services provider and domain registration leader, GoDaddy went public last week.
  • The 18-year-old company presents little revenue growth, a negative bottom line, and huge long-term debt.
  • GoDaddy shows almost no technological innovation and doesn’t try to reach out of the highly competitive, low margin web services market.
  • At this point, investors should avoid GoDaddy’s stock.
Web services provider, GoDaddy (NYSE:GDDY) went public last week in a very successful IPO, and its stock soared 30% on its first day of trading. Initial IPO price range was between $17 and $19, and high demand drove it up to $26 that reflects a $4 billion market ...
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Google Earnings Q1 2015
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  • Google is expected to report its Q1 2015 earnings on 14 April 2015.
  • Google's lost search share in the US could be a potential headwind.
  • Google's Play store search ads could be the big ticket positive.
Google Earnings Q1 2015 : Preview Video Transcript Hello and welcome to this videograph about Google earnings for Q1 2015. Google Q1 2015 Earnings Analyst Estimates Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is expected to report its Q1 2015 earnings, post market hours on the 14th of April 2015, followed by its earnings call thereafter. Analysts expect Google to report a revenue of 17.64 billion Dollars, translating to a year on ...
New Chromebook Strategy will complete Google Android Eco-System
  • Google is the leading operating system provider in most consumer electronics markets.
  • The low-cost Chromebook and new disruptive initiatives are Google’s attempts to gain significant market share in the PC market.
  • The convergence of Google’s dual open source operating system and challenging Windows' low-end segments should drive Chromebook sales in the upcoming years.
  • A 4.2% market share in the PC market in 2017 should put Google on the right track to completing the missing piece of the Android ecosystem.
Tech and Internet giant Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) plays a central role in many consumer electronics markets by executing its combined software/hardware strategy. By taking this approach, ...
Baidu Valuations Hold 20% to 34% Upside Potenital
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  • Baidu is financially robust, and the stock has fallen providing an investment opportunity.
  • Even using conservative revenue estimates & valuation multiples, Baidu has upside potential.
  • Baidu valuations indicate a 19% to 34% upside potential.
Video Transcript Hello and welcome to this videograph about Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU). Baidu 2014 Revenue And Profitability Baidu, also known as China's Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is a financially robust company. In twenty fourteen, Baidu continued to deliver a strong year on year revenue growth of about 50%, with net margins coming in at 27%. Baidu Stock Performance In recent times, Baidu's stock has fallen by close to 17% from its 52 week high, ...
Akamai Stock Analysis: Why Buy Akamai?
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  • Akamai's revenue growth has taken the company to a higher growth trajectory.
  • Akamai's operating and net margins are stable, and gross margins are expanding.
  • Our Akamai stock analysis assigns the stock a buy rating.
Should You Buy Akamai? Video Transcript. Hello and welcome to this videograph about Akamai (NASDAQ:AKAM). Akamai Revenue Growth Akamai's revenue growth accelerated in 2014, marking a shift in the company's growth trajectory. While this was partly due to the slower growth in 2013, growth was impressive even in absolute Dollar terms. Akamai Profit Margins Akamai has very stable profit margins. Over 2014, the company continued to deliver operating and profit margins, in ...
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Akamai (AKAM)
Netflix Earnings Q1 2015 Preview
Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) earnings Q1 2015 is scheduled for April 15, 2015 after market close. The Netflix earnings report will be for the fiscal quarter ending December 2014. Analyst expect Netflix earnings per share for Q1 2015 of $0.68. The company reported an EPS of $0.86 in the same quarter, a year ago. Source: Netflix stock chart by Amigobulls On the revenue front, Analysts expect the company to report $1.57 billion revenue, implying a YoY growth of 24% over Q1 2014. The company had reported revenue of $1.27 billion in Q1 2014. Source: Netflix stock chart by Amigobulls Netflix Q4 2014 earnings came in above analysts ...
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Netflix (NFLX)
LinkedIn Guidance Q1 2015: Don't Expect A Huge Beat
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  • LinkedIn's revenue guidance for Q1 2015 implies a steep slowdown in growth and the first sequential decline in revenue.
  • LinkedIn has traditionally beaten its own guidance by about 5%.
  • If the trend continues, LinkedIn's Q1 2015 revenue should come in at $653 million.
  • LinkedIn could end up beating analyst estimates by 2.6%, compared to a 4% beat in Q4 2014.
LinkedIn Guidance Q1 2015 : Video Transcript Hello and welcome to this videograph about LinkedIn's guidance for Q1 2015. LinkedIn Guidance Q1 2015 As per LinkedIn's revenue guidance for Q1 2015, the company expects to deliver a revenue of 618 to 622 million dollars, ...
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LinkedIn (LNKD)
BlackBerry Earnings Review: Q4 2015
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  • BlackBerry handsomely beats earnings estimates, misses heavily on revenues.
  • Revenue shortfall largely due to declining revenue from handset segment.
  • Operating cash flows positive for the fourth consecutive quarter.
BlackBerry (NASDAQ:BBRY) announced its Q4 2015 and FY 2015 earnings before the markets opened, delivering its fifth consecutive earnings beat, and that too by a handsome margin. BlackBerry announced Non-GAAP EPS of $0.04, against the analysts’ estimate of -$0.05, a surprise of 9 cents. However it fell far short of its revenues estimate. BlackBerry’s revenue stood at $660 million against analysts’ consensus of $786.4 million, a 16% miss. Source: Data from Amigobulls.com The Hardware ...
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BlackBerry (BBRY)
Should You Invest In Amazon?
  • Amazon's stock has returned over 1000% over 10 years.
  • Amazon's revenue growth has been exceptional and valuations aren't expensive.
  • Amazon's lack of profitability even after 20 years as a public company, raises concerns.
Video Playback Not Supported    Author's Note Nearly a year ago, we dug deeper to see what drives Amazon's high PE ratio, and we found that the company's incremental spends at the time weren't really leading to a proportionate increase in revenue. We also highlighted the risks to cash flows arising from the company's deteriorating trends in payables and inventory. Those risks of course, continue to remain as we noted in our recent coverage about ...
Facebook Mobile Growth Key To Stock Returns
  • Facebook has over a billion active users on mobile.
  • Facebook's revenue generation on mobile will drive future growth.
  • Facebook's user engagement and monetization on mobile augurs well for future growth.
Video Playback Not Supported   Facebook Mobile Growth: Video Transcript Hello and welcome to this videograph about Facebook (NASDAQ:FB). Where every internet company aspires to transition into a popular mobile platform, Facebook has done a commendable job. Facebook Mobile Active User Growth Facebook has over a billion active users. This number has grown at a fast clip, from 680 million active users in 2012, to 945 million in 2013, and nearly 1.2 billion monthly active users on mobile ...
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Facebook (FB)
Autonomous Vehicles Market Holds Huge Potential For Mobileye Stock
  • Mobileye is one of the hottest names in the autonomous vehicles market.
  • The collision avoidance system developer grows its top line at an impressive rate from currently selling its products to top notch automakers.
  • Mobileye tries to become the industry standard for camera-based collision avoidance system.
  • While in the long-term Mobileye withholds significant potential, in the short-term it is a risky investment heavily impacted by speculations of its position in the autonomous vehicles market.
Developer of camera-based driver assistance systems, Mobileye (NYSE:MBLY) is one of the hottest Israeli tech companies lately. The Jerusalem-based firm went public last year and raised almost $1B in a ...
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Mobileye (MBLY)
Twitter Equity Dilution A Serious Risk
  • Twitter's stock based compensation expenses have exceeded $1 billion since its IPO.
  • Since Twitter's IPO, the number of outstanding shares has risen by about 74%.
  • Twitter's earnings per share dilution is a risk that investors shouldn't ignore.
Video Playback Not Supported   Author's Note Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) shares have flooded the markets since its high profile IPO in November 2013. The micro-blogging site which had about 362 million shares outstanding as per its first earnings release post the IPO, now has about 629 million outstanding shares. Twitter's generously doled out stock based compensation is responsible at large, for the flood of shares post the IPO. While stock based ...

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