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Box IPO A Big Hit, But Don't Jump In Yet
  • The much delayed Box IPO is a big hit.
  • Box shares jumped 66% on trading debut.
  • Tough business conditions and steep valuations make Box a risky bet.
Video Playback Not Supported   The Box IPO has finally come to fruition after a very long wait, and it sure has done very well. So, after the Box IPO trading debut and the 66% pop, it’s time to plug in those numbers and re-evaluate the situation. A little heads up, our call is that you might want to sit out of this very enticing rally, if you’re one of those who goes strictly by fundamentals. Box IPO Summary
  • Box ...
How To Predict Stock Market Trends Through Social Media
123RF Social media is a vast space, and predictive analytics has proven to be a useful resource when trying to decipher seemingly unpredictable stock market trends from social media trends. Whether you’re trying to figure out the US stock market trends or general stock market trends in 2015, social media might be an important criteria which needs to be factored into your investment checklist. A study conducted in 2011 by a PhD student from Pace University showed how popularity on social media can forecast stock market prices on a daily basis. The study was done along with Famecount (now called Starcount), and ...
Red Hot IPOs That Are Due To Hit You In 2015 - Part 3
  • Part 3 of our 2015 IPOs series covers the Square IPO & Snapchat IPO.
  • We take you through revenues and valuations of these companies.
  • We roundup the key facts that prospective investors should note about these IPOs.
123RF In the 1st of our 3 part series on tech IPOs in 2015, we covered the Box IPO, the Dropbox IPO and the Airbnb IPO, followed by another set of exciting 2015 IPOs, the Uber IPO and the Spotify IPO. In our 3rd part of this series, we’re going to look at Square and Snapchat to conclude our series on upcoming IPOs in 2015. Square IPO Square is ...
Akamai Earnings Preview: Q4 2014
  • Akamai is scheduled to report its Q4 2014 earnings after the market close on Feb 10.
  • The analyst consensus is for the company to report earnings per share of 64 cents on revenue of $526.5 million.
  • We expect the company to beat the consensus estimates, and our Akamai stock analysis assigns the stock a buy rating.
Video Playback Not Supported Akamai Technologies (NASDAQ: AKAM), the global content distribution services provider is scheduled to report its Q4 2014 results after the market close on Feb 10th 2014. Solid eCommerce growth in holiday season 2014 along with a significant increase in video consumption will drive Akamai revenue ...
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Akamai (AKAM)
Nasdaq Vs NYSE: What Is The Difference?
123rf.com The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) are both well known in the trading sector for providing high-end stock trading platforms. Both these stock-exchange giants are well-known and famous as majority of the North American equities trade either on NYSE or Nasdaq. Companies going public have to decide where they want to list their shares. The Nasdaq started off as the world's first electronic trading market and because of this has attracted most of the tech companies. Both the stock exchanges try hard to get a company listed on their ...
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Facebook (FB), Alibaba (BABA)
Top 10 Tech Stocks to Buy in 2015
Encountering fluctuations is the norm in stock market investment, and the best stocks to invest in are not always easy to predict. Established companies failing and new ones shocking the market are commonplace. As we’ve entered a new year, knowing what companies will revel in a bull market and what will suffer in a bear market can give your investment strategies a head start. The following list contains the top 10 tech stocks that are expected to reap you some benefits in 2015.
  • Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)
  • 2014 was a good year to the investors of Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), thanks to its almost 30% year-to-date. ...
    Twitter Earnings Q4 2014
    • Twitter earnings for Q4 2014 are due on 5 Feb 2015.
    • Twitter user growth and engagement will be closely watched.
    • Twitter valuations are expensive even after the 42% correction.
    Video Playback Not Supported Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) earnings for Q4 2014 are scheduled to be reported on 5 Feb 2015 post market hours. Twitter’s earnings release comes in the midst of testing times for the company, and Twitter’s user growth and engagement numbers will come into the spotlight yet again. Twitter valuations are still very steep and Twitter stock was given a junk rating last year. A slip up in numbers could further dent an already ...
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    Twitter (TWTR), Facebook (FB)
    Yahoo’s Acquisitions Under Marissa Mayer
    • Increase of acquisitions under Marissa Mayer.
    • Big ticket acquisitions and their impact on Yahoo.
    • Reasons behind this strategy and how will it pan out in the future.
    Yahoo’s acquisitions under Marissa Mayer have taken place in wide array of industries increasing from 65 to 112 in less than 3 years. The exact amount spent by the company since she took over is difficult to gauge as many of these acquisitions did not reveal the purchasing bill publicly. Yahoo benefited from its Alibaba stake, and hopes to gain from other recent acquisitions too which it is mostly doing for new talent and products. ...
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    Yahoo (YHOO)
    Technical Analysis: Groupon, China Unicorn, Cogent Communications and AudioCodes
    Groupon Stock Technical Analysis Groupon (NASDAQ:GRPN) stock price is about to test the 100 day moving average line. As can be seen in the chart the stock has earlier found support from the 100 day moving average line. The RSI indicates that the stock is likely to go up. The RSI of 18.99 indicates that the stock is oversold. Groupon stock price is touching the lower of the Bollinger bands, indicating a likely uptrend in prices. The MACD also indicates a likelihood of stock price going up. The MACD histogram shows the divergence is quite wide. Based on RSI and MACD it ...
    eBay Earnings Review: Q4 2014
    • eBay earnings for Q4 were mostly in-line with estimates, EPS of 90 cents on revenue of $4.92 billion.
    • eBay-PayPal spin off is on track and will leave PayPal with $5 billion cash to finance its rapidly growing operations.
    • Icahn capital executive Jonathan Christodoro was appointed to the board of eBay, a big win for Carl Icahn.
    Video Playback Not Supported eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) reported its Q4 2014 earnings after the market close yesterday (January 21). The company beat the street earnings estimate by a cent. eBay stock price gained 3.5% in after-hours trade following the Q4 conference call. However, the company once again guided below estimates ...
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    eBay (EBAY)
    Netflix Earnings: Q4 2014
    • Netflix earnings for Q4 2014 beat estimates on most parameters.
    • After missing subscriber numbers in Q3, the subscriber growth story was back on track with 4.3 million additions in Q4.
    • Profit margin contractions will hinder short term earnings growth as the company continues its current international expansion drive.
    Video Playback Not Supported Netflix (NFLX) reported its Q4 2014 earnings after the market close yesterday (January 20). The company beat analysts’ estimates and its own guidance on every parameter from revenue growth to earnings growth to subscriber additions. Q4 2014 subscriber additions beats expectations Netflix reported solid addition to its subscriber base, ending the quarter with 39.11 million ...
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    Netflix (NFLX)
    Google Earnings Q4 2014 Preview
    • Google earnings are due on 29 Jan 2015 after market hours.
    • All eyes will be on Google earnings per share numbers in Q4.
    • Google valuations indicate a 21% upside potential.
    Video Playback Not Supported The Google earnings release for Q4 2014 and the full year, FY 2014 is due on 29 Jan 2015. After missing analyst estimates for revenue and EPS in its Q3 earnings, Google earnings for Q4 will be closely watched, amid growing competition in the advertising space. Google Earnings Schedule For Q4
    • Google earnings date - 29 Jan 2015
    • Google earnings report - 4:00 P.M EST
    • Google earnings call - 4:30 PM EST
    Google Earnings: Q4 ...
    Will Amazon Conquer China And India
    • Exponential growth of online retail in China and India.
    • Amazon’s strategy and position within China.
    • Amazon’s strategy and biggest hurdles faced in India.
    • Main advantages of Amazon in developing countries vis-à-vis other competitors.
    Amazon’s business strategy differs significantly in different regions. The Amazon stock price will be affected to a great deal on how the company is able to fare in locations other than US. The difference in strategy stems from difference in culture and the market. Amazon China is an extremely small player in the fast growing online retailing market in China which is dominated by Alibaba and JD.com. Within India, another very ...
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    Amazon (AMZN), Alibaba (BABA)
    Technical Analysis: Facebook, Cree, SAP and Verifone Systems
    Verifone Systems Stock Technical Analysis Verifone Systems (NYSE:PAY) stock price has gone below the lower of the Bollinger bands in the last few trades. Stock price going below the lower band indicates a trend reversal.  Further strengthening this argument, the RSI also indicates that the stock is oversold. Currently Verifone’s RSI indicator is at 19.39, which indicates that the stock is oversold.  MACD also indicates towards this possibility. The divergence between MACD line and signal line has increased to -0.43. The above three technical analysis tools suggest that stock price is likely to go up.  Verifone Technical Analysis Chart by amigobulls.com Facebook Stock Technical ...
    Yahoo Earnings Q4 2014
    • Yahoo is scheduled to release its Q4 2014 earnings on 27th of January after the market hours.
    • Analysts estimate Yahoo to report a Non GAAP EPS of $0.29 on a revenue of $1.19 billion.
    • Yahoo needs to have a credible plan for making future stake sales more efficient.
    • Video Playback Not Supported Yahoo Inc (NASDAQ:YHOO) is scheduled to release its Q4 2014 earnings on 27th of January after the market hours. The Yahoo earnings release will be for Q4 2014 as well as for financial year 2014. While the company has delivered earnings surprise in three of the last four quarters, it has been facing ...
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    Yahoo (YHOO)
    What Has Amazon Failed At?
    It has been over two decades since Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) launched the initial version of its e-commerce website. Amazon revenue has now grown to $74.5 billion as of last year and it has established itself as the e-commerce behemoth. The company has been at the forefront of a lot of innovative products and services. It was one of the earliest entrants in the cloud space. With Amazon earnings in the negative as of last quarter (Q3 2014), we look at some of the product failures of Amazon. Embracing failures, Jeff Bezos, remarked in the last Business Insider Conference in New York: “I’ve ...
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    Amazon (AMZN)
    Amazon Earnings Preview: Q4 2014
    • Amazon is expected to report its Q4 2014 earnings on January 29th after market close.
    • Analysts expect the company to report earnings per share of 23 cents on revenue of $29.94 billion.
    • The Fire Phone inventory write off will once again be a major drag on the bleeding bottomline, and could lead to another earnings miss.
    Video Playback Not Supported Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is set to report its Q3 2014 earnings on January 29, after market close. The Amazon earnings report will be for the fiscal quarter and Financial year ending December 2014.  Amazon stock price fell by 22.8% through 2014, significantly under-performing the 15.4% ...
    Related Tickers:
    Amazon (AMZN)
    Technical Analysis: Priceline, Autodesk, Advent Software and LinkedIn
    Video Playback Not Supported Priceline Stock Technical Analysis Priceline (NASDAQ:PCLN) stock price has been declining since the start of the year. However, MACD indicates that there is possibility of trend reversal. The divergence of -10.3 signals possible reversal of the trend. Bollinger bands also point towards upward movement in Priceline stock price. Priceline’s stock price has hit the lower of the Bollinger bands, indicating that the stock price might move up. The RSI indicator further confirms the signal from Bollinger bands. RSI of 14.05 indicates that the stock has been oversold. All the above indicators points towards a change in trend for ...
    Facebook Earnings: Q4 2014
    • Facebook is expected to report its Q4 2014 results after market close on January 28.
    • Pew research recently reported a significant rise in Facebook engagement metrics.
    • Facebook revenue and earnings will continue to grow, driven by engagement metrics and average revenue per user growth.
    Video Playback Not Supported Facebook Q4 2014 earnings preview Facebook (FB) is set to report its Q3 2014 earnings on January 28, 2015 after stock market close. The Facebook earnings report will be for the fiscal quarter ending December 2014, and the and Full Year 2014 Earnings report. The company has reported an earnings surprise for 6 successive quarters and is expected ...
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    Facebook (FB)
    Technical Analysis: Groupon,Facebook,Yahoo and Rackspace
    The current week has not been good for the stock market. Nasdaq Composite has declined 2.83% this week on European woes and declining oil prices. Yesterday, 78% of the issues listed on NASDAQ declined while 19% of the issues advanced indicating that the decline is more broad based. While the overall market has shown a declining trend, lets look at the technicals for few of the tech stocks listed on NYSE and NASDAQ. Video Playback Not Supported Yahoo Stock Technical Analysis Yahoo (YHOO) stock price is approaching the 100 day moving average. 100 day moving average has been a good support for ...
    Box IPO May Not Be Worth The Wait
    • Box IPO is expected to take place in Jan 2015.
    • Competitive pressures are high for Box.
    • The Box IPO is not the most attractive investment option.
    Video Playback Not Supported   After filing for an IPO (initial public offering) way back in March 2014, Box has delayed its IPO for a long time now. However, with its S-1 filing being updated earlier this month, the word is that the Box IPO, is finally ready to hit the road. Box will be one of the first, among many tech companies lined up for a 2015 IPO. With the Box IPO date speculated to be as early ...

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