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EMC: Optimal Strategy For The Future
  • A look into the federal structure of EMC
  • Growth of cloud computing and how EMC can pursue an aggressive policy in this fast growing market.
  • Advantages of selling the stake in VMware
In the past few months a lot of ink has been used up in analyzing the workings and future direction of EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC). EMC offers virtualization, data storage and cloud computing services which helps businesses to store, protect and analyze the data generated during business operations. It was in talks with HP for a possible merger, however the talks ended without reaching a successful conclusion. There are also increasing noises ...
Ctrip Q3 2014 Earnings Preview
  • Ctrip is scheduled to announce its Q3 earnings number on November 25, 2014.
  • Ctrip’s topline is likely to continue its growth momentum on the back of growth in Chinese market and its partnership with Priceline.
  • Ctrip’s profitability is likely to worsen with analysts estimating 50% drop on Year on Year basis.
  Ctrip (NASDAQ:CTRP), china’s major online travel agency (OTA), is scheduled to announce its Q3 2014 earnings on 25th November. The company has posted 39% YoY growth in revenues in first half of 2014. However operating margin has declined from 14% in first half of 2013 to 5% in first half of ...
Why Facebook At Work Makes Sense For Facebook! (video)
  • Facebook could leverage its huge user base for Facebook At Work.
  • Facebook At Work could drive user growth, monetization and revenue.
  • Facebook At Work could be a window to China.
Video Playback Not Supported   Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is believed to be developing a professional networking site, ‘Facebook At Work’. Facebook’s rumored work-in-progress, has caused quite a stir, well before its official unveiling, let alone launch. Facebook At Work will be direct competition for professional networking site, LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD). Not surprisingly, following the emergence of reports about Facebook’s ‘secret’ project on November 16, LinkedIn valuations have taken a hit, and the stock has fallen by over 6%. ...
HP: Past Mistakes And Future Relevancy
  • Stock buyback policy and its impact on the firm.
  • HP undertook some of the biggest M&A follies in the past decade.
  • The splitting up of HP into two entities marks the start of a new chapter.
  HP (NYSE:HPQ) has had a roller coaster ride in the past decade. It is one of the ‘Old Techs’ which has struggled to find a strong foothold with the changing winds in the technology market. A huge part of this blame has to be shouldered by the previous managements who didn’t pursue new developments aggressively. Although it has a long list of major mistakes, the one that stands ...
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Swarm Mobile Acquisition Could Drive Groupon Growth
  • Groupon recently acquired in-store analytics start-up Swarm Mobile.
  • The acquisition could go a long way in increasing the merchant attractiveness and improve the targeting ability of Groupon.
  • The improved targeting abilities will increase user engagement and drive Groupon’s revenue per user leading to higher revenue growth.
Groupon (NASDAQ:GRPN) has put much less emphasis on e-mail, and is much more mobile application-centric. The business is well positioned in a world that’s driven by contextual and social interactions, in which factors like location, personal preference, and social media will drive much more buying behavior. Focus on mobile, clubbed with a fairly solid quarter are positives for ...
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Groupon (GRPN)
Higher Pricing, Geographical Expansion To Drive Netflix Growth
  • Netflix’s cost structure is more or less manageable, but short-term factors like entry into new markets may weigh on cash flow.
  • Netflix’s pricing structure is expected to improve with added pricing tiers, which will expand margins due to content being the biggest cost component of operating expenditures.
  • The business has yet to saturate a meaningful amount of its geographic mix, which gives encouraging outlook on potential subscriber growth.
Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) continues the international roll out of its service, with emphasis put on Europe, and Latin America. During a recent technology conference, Netflix characterizes the total addressable market both domestically and internationally, and puts in ...
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Netflix (NFLX)
Unbundling strategy Could Drive Facebook valuation
  • Facebook has consciously unbundled its core website and also acquired valuable properties over the last couple of years.
  • The strategy has led to a portfolio of apps including Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram, which could be an envy of competitors.
  • The monetization potential of each of these could lead to significant growth in revenues and could drive Facebook valuation.
  Video Playback Not Supported   Mark Zuckerberg has consciously been unbundling Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) website into multiple apps optimized for the mobile platform. The result has been a constant increase in Facebook average revenue per user (ARPU), revenue and earnings growth for Facebook. Quoting Zuckerberg from the Q1 2014 earnings ...
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Facebook (FB), Twitter (TWTR)
Twitter Debt Rated Junk, What About The Stock?
  • S&P assigned Twitter debt with a junk rating.
  • The rating raises questions about Twitter’s stock rating.
  • Twitter valuations coupled with other parameters make it a risky bet.
  Video Playback Not Supported   Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) conducted its analyst day event on 12 November 2014, where the company outlined its future plans including product improvements and strategy. Just a day later, S&P rated Twitter debt as junk. The company’s stock tanked by close to 6% on November 13, but rose by about 4.5% a day after, possibly driven in part, by the buy rating and target price of $60 issued by Goldman Sachs. For those who have ...
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Twitter (TWTR), Facebook (FB)
BlackBerry: A Turnaround Story?
  • BlackBerry's revenue has declined 83.5% from Q4 2012 
  • John Chen has managed to slow the decline by cutting costs, launching Passport and focusing on Enterprise Solutions.
  • BlackBerry's stock price has doubled since December 2013.
  Video Playback Not Supported   Recently in his blog post Prof. Aswath Damodaran of NYU Stern School of Business classified BlackBerry  (NASDAQ:BBRY) as a "Walking dead or a Zombie company" which has a broken revenue model and is out there to destroy investor’s wealth. And till recently BlackBerry has done everything possible to earn this tag. Revenues declined from $5.5 billion in Q4 2012 to $916 million in Q2 2015 for BlackBerry ...
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BlackBerry (BBRY)
Zuckerberg's Vision For Facebook, And How It's Getting There
  • During the Facebook Q&A, Mark highlights key points on how his team views their service, and how they will continue to improve upon it.
  • Many of the recent changes to Facebook were strategic in nature and have correspondingly improved qualitative and financial metrics.
  • Facebook prices its ads at a premium, and continues to scale the business model globally, which gives the business a compelling growth trajectory.
I have high conviction that Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) management team is capable of navigating its own business environment with meaningful execution on new products, and will continue to roll out the core service of its newsfeed and messenger ...
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Facebook (FB)
Xiaomi A Threat To Apple, Samsung Smartphone Dominance
  • Xiaomi took over the Chinese smartphone market with 14% market share and outperformed Samsung and Apple there.
  • Xiaomi settles for small profit margin for its high-end smartphones, which enables it to offer high-end smartphones for competitive price compared with Apple and Samsung.
  • Xiaomi grew number of shipments every quarter and entered the top five worldwide smartphone vendors.
  • After it took over the Chinese market in a very short time, Apple and Samsung should be concerned by Xiaomi’s global expansion plans.
  Chinese smartphone vendor Xiaomi reportedly seeks private equity funding of $1.5 billion, which reflects a valuation of $40 billion to $50 billion for the ...
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Apple (AAPL)
Facebook vs Twitter: How They Compare (Video)
  • Facebook and Twitter valuations have corrected post their Q3 earnings.
  • Facebook is well ahead of Twitter on nearly all fronts.
  • Twitter valuations indicate a 14% downside potential.
  Video Playback Not Supported   The last fortnight hasn’t been a particularly memorable time for social media's big names, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and Twitter (NYSE:TWTR). Twitter Q3 earnings came out on 27 October 2014, and Facebook Q3 earnings were released a day after, on 28 October. Both of their earnings releases were met with corrections in the stock price. While Facebook fell over 8% in the two sessions that followed, Twitter has continued to fall, and is down by over ...
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Twitter (TWTR), Facebook (FB)
Are We On The Brink Of A Bear Market?
  • Measures of risk appetite such as the ratio of consumer discretionary stocks to consumer staples and small caps to large caps are in decline, pointing to a changed market environment.
  • Participation in this advance is thinning, as fewer and fewer stocks are making new highs with the market.
  • These are the type of market conditions in which the market tops form and at the least provide juicy opportunities on the short side.
  A bear market is defined as a 20%+ pullback from peak to trough, by this definition, we are in our second cyclical bull market since March 2009.  In May 2011, the ...
Is Apple a Long Term Threat To Pandora?
  • Pandora recently announced its Q3 2014 results, beating analyst consensus estimates on both topline and bottomline.
  • Other user metrics and operating metrics came in-line or ahead of expectations.
  • While competition from can pose a serious threat, Pandora’s focus on the automobile sector could lead to growth in revenue and earnings.
  The year 2014 has not been a good one for investors who bought shares of Pandora Media (NYSE:P) in March and still own them as the calendar year comes to an end. On March 5, 2014, the streaming music service was flying high with a share price of $39.43. Eight-months later, on November 5, 2014, the ...
TripAdvisor Earnings Review Videograph Q3 2014
  • TripAdvisor beat revenue estimates, but missed adjusted EPS estimates.
  • TripAdvisor profit margins could slide further in Q4 2014.
  • TripAdvisor valuations are expensive, making TRIP a risky bet.
  Video Playback Not Supported   TripAdvisor, the online travel site, announced its earnings for Q3 2014 on 4 November. The stock tanked by over 14% following the earnings release on the back of a miss on the earnings front, a lower profitability projection and lowered growth guidance in its largest revenue segment. Prior to the announcement of results as well, TripAdvisor valuations were expensive. The stock is now down by close to 12% from its pre earnings level. ...
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TripAdvisor (TRIP)
Priceline Q3 2014 Earnings Review
  • Priceline reported Q3 2014 results on November 4 before market hours.
  • The company beat analyst consensus on both topline and bottomline, reporting $2.84 billion in revenue and Non-GAAP earnings per share of $22.16.
  • The stock was hammered in a sell-off on account of Q4 2014 guidance, which was sharply lower than analyst estimates.
  • We reiterate our positive long term outlook on Priceline stock post Q3 results, as reflected in our Priceline stock analysis.
  Video Playback Not Supported   Priceline (NASDAQ:PCLN) group announced its Q3 2014 results before markets opened on November 4. Priceline reported Non-GAAP EPS (earnings per share) of $22.16, crushing analyst consensus estimate of $21.08. ...
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Priceline (PCLN)
Buffett Valuation Model Indicates Stock Market is Overvalued
  • Buffett’s best acquisitions have come when GDP is greater than the total market capitalization of stocks.
  • According to the Buffet indicator, stock markets are at its highest level since the euphoria in 1999-2000
  • Investors need to exercise caution as stock prices have gotten too far ahead of fundamentals.
Warren Buffett is known for his value investing discipline, which eschews bold calls on market direction in favor of analyzing individual companies. Many passive investing advocates use this to claim that any sort of macroeconomic analysis is a violation of the core philosophy practiced by Buffett. However, this is undercut by some of Buffett’s best ...
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Alibaba Q2 2015 Earnings review
  • Alibaba announced its Q2 Earnings results beating revenue estimates by 5% while meeting earnings estimate.
  • The growth in revenues was primarily driven by increase in active users and mobile GMV.
  • Growth in internet penetration in China and increase in percentage of people shopping online will drive Alibaba’s future growth.
Alibaba (NYSE:BABA) posted its first earnings since the BABA IPO, with its Q2 2015 report on 4th November before the market opened for trading. Alibaba reported an EPS of $0.45 on a revenue of $2.74 billion against analyst consensus EPS of $0.45 on a revenue of $2.64 billion. Increase in active users and mobile ...
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Alibaba (BABA)
Cloud Competitors Closing the Gap On Amazon
  • Amazon is the market leader in the cloud services market with a bigger market share than Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and Rackspace.
  • Amazon web services, once perceived as a stable growing revenue stream now experiences extreme difficulties driven by a decline in revenues and increased competition.
  • As the big data and cloud services market are rapidly growing, they can be easily impacted by relatively minor events.  Amazon investors should track the sentiment around the big data software vendors.
  Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), the eCommerce giant and Internet infrastructure provider, reported its Q3 2014 results at the end of October with disappointing revenues and earnings. Amazon reported ...
Groupon Q3 2014 Earnings Review
  • Groupon reported a fairly solid quarter beating on revenue while missing earnings marginally.
  • Billings grew significantly on a year-over-year basis, which came as a result of higher conversion on mobile, paired with improving mobile active user metrics.
  • Going forward, Groupon will beat analyst estimates as guidance was conservative, and various growth catalysts should materially impact earnings and revenue.
Groupon (NASDAQ:GRPN) reported another fairly solid fiscal quarter in which key metrics exceeded expectations sending shares significantly higher. Analysts on a consensus basis anticipated the company to report earnings per share (EPS) of $.01, and revenue of $750 million.  Groupon topped revenue estimates, and missed EPS. ...
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Groupon (GRPN)
Priceline Q3 2014 Earnings Preview
  • Priceline is slated to report its Q3 2014 numbers on Nov 4th before market hours.
  • Analysts estimate the company to report Non-GAAP EPS of $21.31 on revenue of $2.84 billion.
  • Priceline’s huge and rapidly growing international bookings share will face headwinds from the appreciating dollar, negatively impacting revenues and earnings to that extent.
  • Our Priceline stock analysis assigns a buy rating to the stock.
  Priceline (NASDAQ:PCLN), the largest online travel agent is scheduled to announce its Q3 2014 results on November 4, Tuesday before markets open. Priceline has been among our top stock picks for over a year, gaining more than 51% since its inclusion. ...

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