Video Conference Fatigue? Enrich Can Help

By Chandu Sohoni | May 20, 2020

It is 7 PM and we are still on a video call. Our team is trying to sort out some customer issues for the last couple of days. Someone from the team starts to make an important point, and then it happens again!  She freezes on the screen with her mouth half open and eyes squinted with her face locked in a weird expression. At the same time, her voice starts to sound as if it is coming from a deep bottomless pit! The rest of the team immediately asks her to switch off her video feed and just be on audio. Then there is always someone who forgets to mute and we hear many interesting background sounds. These backgrounds range from a wailing child, a barking dog, to a loud vacuum cleaner.

Video Calls Drain You Out

These are interesting times that we are living in! Rather than going to offices, our offices have entered our homes now. Video conferences and calls are now a part of our daily lives. Let's admit, video calls and conferences are really tiring. I want to go out and meet my team, my customers, my vendors, and even a stranger on the road! 

Tired of Video Calls

Enrich To The Rescue

At Enrich, we work with banks, wealth management firms, and insurance companies. To call the current times as 'interesting' for the BFSI sector would be an epic understatement. No one knows where the stock markets are headed and how deep the economic impact of this crisis is going to be. Insurance companies are probably the least impacted in this crisis. They had spent years, trying to convince their customers that they need life and health insurance, but now no more convincing needed.

There might be some variation in the business impact, but all of us are feeling the loss of direct customer connect. A relationship manager is not able to meet her customers, an insurance agent is not able to meet his customers. 

Video Calls Aren't Always The Solution

I was talking to a wealth management industry veteran a few days ago. The biggest worry for him was not how the stock markets will react to the COVID-19 crisis. The real challenge was how his new clients will react to the stock market volatility! There was no easy solution, as he wasn't able to meet his customers. I suggested to him the obvious panacea for all problems, a zoom call! He said something like, "Video calls with clients really don't work for us".  With my experience with video calls, I could understand. People don't want to be bothered. 

Personalized Videos Deliver Results 

We worked with him to create a personalized video campaign and the results were impressive. 17% of the viewers responded to the questions in the video. He had already delivered his message successfully. He was left with the manageable task of contacting only 3% of customers who were worried about the market volatility.  The secret was to allow customers to watch the CEO video commenatary at the time of their preference.  

Free Enrich Campaign For Financial Institutions

Not convinced? We are happy to offer a free campaign for all wealth management firms, banks and Insurance companies. If you have a group of customers larger than 1000, we will create a free campaign for you. All you need to provide us is a short video that you want to send to them. We will personalize it, make it interactive, and capture customer feedback for you. You are welcome to run an A/B testing with your existing email channel to see how Enrich campaigns perform for you. 

You can use Enrich Platform for a variety of campaigns including

  • Sending a CEO commentary or let your CIO talk about market conditions to all your customers with personalization.
  • Sending any add-on offers or customized insurance policies.
  • Capturing customer feedback by having Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons in the video.
  • Getting detailed video viewing analytics.

Do get in touch with me at for a free campaign.