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Personalised, Interactive Video Statements For Financial Institutions

ENRICH Video Platform offers solutions to wealth management firms, banks, and brokerages wherein they can send personalised, interactive video statements to their High Networth Individual (HNI) clients. The video statements are created using our patent pending technology which can create 1000s of videos in just a few minutes and are designed for mobile devices. This amazing technology can be used to send video statements with personalized insights on each clients portfolio along with portfolio recommendations. The solution also allows for greater interactivity in the form of calls, messages, and likes. The result is higher customer engagement and increase in sales for wealth firms. To know more click on the following link - ENRICH VIDEO PLATFORM FOR BUSINESSES

Analysis Videos For US Stock Markets

Our stock analysis videos on top US stocks is designed keeping “the individual investor” in mind. These short, personalized, daily updating videos are created taking into account all the fundamentals of a stock, its daily price movement, and the key news impacting it. These videos help investors be up to date about their stocks helping investors get actionable insights on the stocks they follow. Click on the following links for stock analysis videos on popular stocks - Facebook Stock Analysis, Apple Stock Analysis, Alphabet Stock Analysis.

Management Team

Amigobulls was founded by tech enterpreneurs and finance experts.

Chandu Sohoni

Chandu Sohoni

Co-founder, CEO

Chandu Sohoni is co-founder and CEO of Amigobulls. Chandu is a serial entrepreneur with experience of creating successful telecom, media and mobile technology startups in Silicon Valley and Bangalore. He is a technologist with a love for stock markets, bringing years of experience and knowledge of creating successful companies. Chandu is an avid investor who actively tracks and invests in US and Indian stock markets. Prior to Amigobulls, he was founder and CEO of Newshunt, a mobile news media company which was acquired by Verse Innovation Pvt. Ltd.

Chandu holds a Masters degree in Electronics Engineering from Indian Institute of Science and has completed Advanced Management Program from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

Poorna Nayak

Poorna Nayak

Co-Founder, Director

Poorna is co-founder of Amigobulls. Poorna heads the operations, partnerships & traffic acquisition efforts at Amigobulls. Prior to Amigobulls, she was an early member of the Newshunt team, India's largest mobile news app with multi-million active user base. Having been a key member of the NewsHunt team, Poorna brings in unique insights into product design and digital marketing for creating a successful media company.

Poorna holds a BTech Degree in Electronics & Communications from Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering, India.


Key Investors

Vijay Anand - Board Member

Vijay Anand - Board Member

SVP, Intuit India

Vijay Anand is the SVP at Intuit, leading a 1000+ team based in Bangalore. Mr. Anand is a technology executive with over 25 years of experience including general management of large sized organizations, product engineering, business operations and strategy. Over the last decade in India, Mr. Anand has built and grown 3 successful large-scale product development centers in India, first at Sun Microsystems, then at Oracle and now at Intuit. As an active speaker and angel investor in Bangalore, he enjoys mentoring and learning from young entrepreneurs who are changing the world.

Sharad Sharma

Sharad Sharma

Entrepreneur, Investor

Sharad is one of the active technology angel investors in India with about two dozen investments. Details at Angel Investing and Lets Venture. Sharad is a passionate evangelist of the software product ecosystem in India. He is the co-founder and Governing Council member of iSPIRT. He was the Chair of NASSCOM Product Forum and a member of the Executive Council from 2009-13.

He has held a number of senior executive positions with leading technology companies. Most recently he was a SVP at Yahoo! and CEO of India R&D. Previously he turned around VERITAS operations in India. He also brought AT&T/Lucent R&D to India as an intrapreneur.

Sharad is also an entrepreneur. He co-founded Teltier, now part of Cisco, and is currently the CEO of BrandSigma Inc.

Pallav Nadhani

Pallav Nadhani

Entrepreneur, CEO of FusionCharts

Pallav is the co-founder and CEO of FusionCharts. He started FusionCharts at the age of 17 without any external funding. Today, FusionCharts has over 23,000 customers and 500,000 developers. His entrepreneurial journey has been covered by various magazines like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Today, Economic Times and numerous blogs & websites.

Pallav holds an MS in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh, UK. He has co-authored a book on combining the power of Flash and .NET called 'Flash.NET' in 2002 and has written several technical articles for international journals ever since.

He loves traveling, cricket and poker.