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Angie's list insider selling

The insiders at Angie’s list (NASDAQ: ANGI), have been rapidly disposing off shares over the last few months. A look at the various transactions by the insiders over the last 4 months reveals some interesting facts. Four insiders, CXO’s and Directors, have disposed over 219800 shares between them for a total sum of over $5 million. This may be a small sum considering the total market cap of Angie's at $1.22 billion. However, consider the fact that the company hasn't made a dollar profit in the last 4 years on  and looking at its cash flows tells us another sorry tale. The stock price which was hovering in the range of $23-$28 over the last four months is now at $21.03.  Angie’s is what would classify as a fundamentally weak company, and add to that the fact that insiders are disposing shares rapidly, then this is one stock the Bulls at Amigo would avoid at all costs. So do be(a)ware if you are putting your money into this one for an upside gain, because in all likelihood, we believe the upside isn't gonna materialize from this one.

Angis's insider table

To see Angie’s latest stock price movement, click here (NASDAQ: ANGI)

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