Baidu Valuations Hold 20% To 34% Upside Potenital

  • Baidu is financially robust, and the stock has fallen providing an investment opportunity.
  • Even using conservative revenue estimates & valuation multiples, Baidu has upside potential.
  • Baidu valuations indicate a 19% to 34% upside potential.

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Hello and welcome to this videograph about Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU).

Baidu 2014 Revenue And Profitability

Baidu, also known as China's Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is a financially robust company. In twenty fourteen, Baidu continued to deliver a strong year on year revenue growth of about 50%, with net margins coming in at 27%.

Baidu Stock Performance

In recent times, Baidu's stock has fallen by close to 17% from its 52 week high, and 11% since Jan 2015. The more recent decline was also partly due to its weaker than expected revenue guidance for Q1 twenty fifteen.

Baidu 2015 Revenue Estimates

Even so, analysts expect China's search giant to report a revenue of 11 billion dollars. Our earlier projections based on e-Marketer's estimates of digital ad spends in China, and Baidu's growing share, peg Baidu's revenue for the year, at 11.4 billion Dollars. Today, though for the purpose of valuation, we'll go with the more conservative estimate of the two.

Baidu Valuations

Baidu currently trades at a price to sales ratio of 9.3. To accommodate a decline in profit margins or any slip ups on the revenue front, let's use price to sales multiples ranging from  8 to 9, to compute price targets for Baidu. Based on analyst estimates of Baidu's revenue for 2015, at price to sales multiples ranging from 8 to 9, Baidu's stock price has a huge upside potential ranging from 19% to 34 percent.

Baidu Price Target

Baidu's price targets range from 248 to 279 dollars a share.

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