The 6 Best Stocks To Invest In During 2015

The stock market in 2015 might still have room for the bulls to run. However, reaping profits from stocks this year might be a bit trickier than 2014. If you’re thinking about investing in stocks in a big way this year, it’s all down to your stock selection, and picking the right company in the right market. Read on to find out the 8 best stocks that will show positive upward growth in 2015.

Company Name 52-week High/Low Annual Revenues (in billion) Projected Earnings Growth in 2015 P/E Ratio
Google (GOOGL) $615.05/$511.00 $67.91 18% 19 (based on projected 2015 profits)
American Express (NYSE:AXP) $96.24/$78.41 $31.51 9% 16.74 (as per NASDAQ estimates)
Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT) $44.77/$35.65 $22.16 0.40% 35.35 (as per NYSE)
Apple (AAPL) $118.77/$70.51 $182.80 20% 16.87 (as per NYSE)
Boeing (NYSE:BA) $144.57/$116.32 $90.08 3% 18.51 (as per NYSE)
Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ:GILD) $116.83/$63.50 $20.70 25% 16.43 (as per NYSE)


Google Dominates Search

Why You Should Invest - There’s no denying that Google is the undisputed sovereign in the online search industry, taking it to the top of the list of promising US stocks. The company’s various offerings like Chrome, YouTube, and Gmail only increase its growth prospects. In the past Google has shown an affinity for acquiring good talent and technology. This, combined with its swift growth rate and extensive financial resources, makes Google a competitor in pretty much all technological fields. With a price to earnings ratio of 19, the stock prices aren't too steep when you look at the fact that Google traded for a forward P/E of roughly 20. And given that for the last ten years the company’s valuation consistently moved upwards, it’s clear that this company is here to grow.

American Express

American Express

Why You Should Invest? - With the launch of OptBlue last year—a merchant acquiring program that allows small US merchants to extend their coverage—Amex is looking at reducing processing  costs for general retail and e-commerce merchants. This means that American Express has eradicated what Visa and Mastercard had over them, which was a wide acceptance of their cards. OptBlue allows merchant account providers to set the final processing fees and rates, and executives expect a yearly 50% rise of stores that will now accept Amex cards. When you put this into the mix along with an optimistic U.S. economy you can expect positive growth from this company in terms of stock market investment.

Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Labs
Why You Should Invest? -  Since July, 2014, this pharmaceuticals and healthcare company has been in talks to sell their overseas generic-drug business to Mylan for $5.3 billion. The deal is expected to close in 2015, allowing the company to focus on emerging markets, and set its focus on high-growth areas. 2014 Q3 sales increased by double-figure percentages, when compared to the same time the year before, and this in turn increased profits by 13% on the whole. With a strong presence in over 130 countries, Abbott Labs is projected to give you good returns this year.

Apple Inc.

Apple Products
Why You Should Invest? - The launch of the new iPhone 6 and 6S has done wonders for the company in the September 2014 quarter end. During this period, Apple saw its strongest revenue growth in almost seven quarters. Apart from this the company increased its dividends by 24% over the last two years giving a yield of 1.6% and a 24.3% payout ratio.

So even though Apple is one among the largest companies in the world, AAPL is a growth stock with a rising dividend. In addition to this, the company increased its stock buyback program to $90 billion, and in the last quarter it bought back $17 billion of its stock. The end of 2015 will see Apple returning $130 billion to shareholders. With products and services like the Apple Watch coming up, investing in the stock market with Apple shares is definitely a good idea.


Boeing Growth
Why You Should Invest? - As seen above, the growth in air cargo traffic will indirectly benefit aircraft manufacturers like Boeing. It’s true that the company had seen a momentary dip in the past due to its free cash flow, which can be partially blamed on the high costs of the Dreamliner 787. However, the company’s earnings jumped 19% in the 3rd quarter of 2014. The next few quarters look even brighter for Boeing because it has only used about one-third of its profit to fund dividends and there’s ample room for distribution this year. In 2013 December, shareholders received a 50% hike on dividends and a 25% increase in 2014, speaking volumes about their confidence in future cash flow. Lowered fuel prices could even give Boeing a helping hand because consumers are willing to spend more on flights, while the 2.8% dividend yield makes this a stock to watch.

Gilead Sciences

gilead sciences
Why You Should Invest - Gilead Sciences has emerged as a leading example of how to do things right in the biotech industry and has been churning out numerous drugs. The approval of the oral hepatitis C drugs, Harvoni and Sovaldi, has won Gilead Sciences much praise. It also has attractively priced stocks with YOY growth. Apart from this, the company also engineers treatments for HIV.  Gilead Sciences’ organic growth in 2014 is also continuing to bring them good news this year. With path-breaking drugs and lots of potential, the company has many things to be merry about in 2015.


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