Google Aims To Extend ‘Human Life Line’

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is one company which has been associated with creativity and innovation. At various points in the history of their brief existence, the company has challenged the limits of ‘possibility’ and come away with projects which have been hugely successful. Inspite of their success with new ideas, there have been a number of questions asked recently about the ability of the company to keep up its pace of innovation. The questions have translated into a slowdown in the growth of the company and gains from the stock. The company recently shelved its policy of 20% innovation time allowed for its employees in order to improve the employee productivity. The innovation and creativity function has been moved over to a separate department called Google X labs. The recent Google X labs examples of innovative projects have been project loon, driverless cars and the more famous Google Glass. All of these projects have been in the broad sphere of technology, internet and software. However, for once the company is challenging the highest of impossibilities, the goal to extend human life.

The company has launched its healthcare company Calico or California Life Co, with Arthur Levinson in the lead. The goal of the new healthcare venture is to fight ageing and disease in order to extend human life. The challenge, seemingly impossible, is the kind of goals which has made Google an innovative organisation. However it will be good to recall and remind you of Google’s previous entry into the health sector through its Google health project. Google health, which was started to give customers an option to store their medical records online, wasn’t what Google would call a resounding success or a memory worth reminiscing. The project met its end in just three years. The failed past in the field of health is one fact which makes this project an even more interesting move. We will be keenly looking forward to see if Google can replicate its success in the internet world in its new venture in a totally different field.

Google stock gained close to 2% in regular trading yesterday to close at $903.32 before additional gains of .4% in extended hours trading.

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