Google’s Quickoffice Takes Office 365 Head On


In what could prove to be a big blow to Microsoft corp (NASDAQ: MSFT), Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) has decided to make its Quickoffice app totally free of cost. Now what it essentially means is this. An android or iOS user can access select office documents through the Quickoffice app totally free of cost, and secondly the new app integrates with Google Drive, making it easy for a user to open MS office documents without the need to convert them to Google docs files. This will enable a user to seamlessly access his virtually stored data from any device with access to Google drive. In a move aimed to attract more users to its service Google has also announced an offer of 10 GB of virtual data storage to any users signing in to their Google accounts through the Quickoffice app before September 26, 2013. The new app will have additional features which will enable users to view MS excel and MS PowerPoint charts and create ZIP folders. The new app could solve many of the problems users currently face while accessing their MS office documents on Android and iOS enabled devices. In a bid to make the app work across multiple devices like tablets and smartphones Google has launched a universal version of the app which will enable the users to access their documents irrespective of the type of device they are using. The app is currently available for download on Apple’s App store and Google’s Google Play.

Another news which would be welcomed by Google investors would be the fact that the company has maintained its leadership position in the US online video market for the month of August 2013. According to a report by ComScore, the internet data analytics firm, Google’s YouTube had total of 166.9 million viewers in a month which saw a total of 188.5 unique video viewers. AOL (NYSE: AOL) came a distant second with a total of 71.2 million viewers accessing video content across their sites. Yahoo Inc. (NASDAQ: YHOO), with its recent emphasis on online video market with the launch of Yahoo! Screen had a total of just over 45 million viewers.

The Google stock gained 0.53% in the last trading session closing Friday at a price of $903.11.

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