IPO Calendar 2015 Edition – Hottest Upcoming IPOs For 2015

  • The article showcases 5 hot IPOs that are due to hit the stock market in 2015.
  • Companies like Uber, Airbnb, PayPal, and 2 others made to the IPO 2015 list.
  • We’ll take a brief look at their revenues, growth, valuation, and future prospects.

The IPO market in 2014 saw some big winners. These 2014 IPOs did not just set a solid foundation for budding IPOs, but also awoke the investor’s enthusiasm. The IPO Calendar in 2014 showcased the success of companies like GoPro, Citizens Financial Group, Virgin America, and the most famous Alibaba IPO.

The country is witnessing a rapid growth after the dip in 2008-2009 and is attracting more and more companies to take the public road.

Over 120 companies are ready to go public and start their journey in the stock market in 2015. With an aim to match the standards of the Alibaba Group, the IPO Calendar will see a list of some pathbreaking IPOs this season. Here’s a watchlist for you to keep handy this year.

1. Uber Inc.

US Tech Startups

Uber Inc. tops the list of IPOs in 2015. Negative publicity about drivers, tone-deaf comments from the management, and piling legal woes couldn’t penetrate through the fastest growing taxi-hailing smartphone app Uber. The company is being valued at $40 billion as per its recent round of financing. It is already rumored to be bagging $2 billion in net revenue every year. 2015 might prove to be great for Uber IPO, since the year is believed to have a rather hearty appetite for new growth companies. With Uber Technology rapidly expanding their wings in countries like India, China, and Germany, their future growth is bound to be multifold.

2. PayPal Inc

Update: PayPal IPO may be a huge opportunity for investors looking for growth, covers the latest on PayPal IPO.
eBay Revenue

The news of eBay’s plans to split off PayPal and launch it as a stand alone trading company brought many cheers to the stock market. PayPal is considered as one of the biggest third-party payments facilitator in the US, and has close to 152 million active registered accounts. It is known to be driving eBay’s revenue, and even after the split up will continue to soar in the market.

PayPal resulted in approximately 42% of eBay’s revenue in 2013. This growth chart is a clear indicator that when PayPal leaves eBay’s shadow, it will have the freedom to attract more customers and will not just be restricted to eBay’s customer base.

3. Airbnb IPO

Airbnb has a fresh and exciting concept. It serves as a marketplace for shared accommodation. The company is currently valued at $10 billion, and has been successful in raising close to $800 million so far. In spite of the legal hurdles, the company has shown tremendous growth, and recorded a listing of 975,000 in 2014. The enterprise is planning to run another round of fundraising soon, which could help its valuation bump up to $13 billion.

AirBnb Annual Guests

This is just the tip of the iceberg. What makes Airbnb IPO extremely exciting is the fact that it is valued more than hotel chain giants like Hyatt Hotels Corp. and Wyndham Worldwide Corp.

4. Spotify

Spotify doesn’t just spell good news for the music lovers, but also has something in store for the stock market. It has emerged as a prospective contender in the IPO monitor. While the IPO dates for Spotify might be a little unclear at the moment, this music streaming company’s venture into the public trading market is expected to hold good results. The New York Times has put the company’s valuation at $4 billion.

Spotify User Growth

Spotify’s use growth chart reveals that the company now has close to 50 million active users and 12.5 million paying subscribers, which translates to a 25% increase on both fronts. The Spotify IPO is definitely one to watch out for.

5. Dropbox

Many market watchers would agree that tech IPOs are slowly taking over the stock market. The success of Twitter and Alibaba are live examples of this prediction. Following their footsteps, popular cloud storage company DropBox is looking to make it to the IPO calendar NYSE or IPO calendar NASDAQ sometime this year. The date for Dropbox IPO has not yet been announced. The company hasn’t filed for S-1 yet, so spelling out all details regarding their revenue and growth might be a long shot for now. However, as per estimation, their growth chart should look like this -

Dropbox Revenue

Apart from the noticeable increase in revenue, the company has expanded from just 2 million users to over 300 million users in 2014. The growth in revenue is also tremendous, considering it moved from $2.5 million in 2009 to a whopping $325 million in 2014.

The above mentioned IPOs are only excerpts of the hoard of exciting IPOs coming your way this year. The 2015 IPO list is long, and has a number of other promising upcoming IPOs lined up. But, for now watch out for these 5 IPOs, and as always invest wisely.

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