Technical Analysis: Facebook, Cree, SAP And Verifone Systems

Verifone Systems Stock Technical Analysis

Verifone Systems (NYSE:PAY) stock price has gone below the lower of the Bollinger bands in the last few trades. Stock price going below the lower band indicates a trend reversal.  Further strengthening this argument, the RSI also indicates that the stock is oversold. Currently Verifone’s RSI indicator is at 19.39, which indicates that the stock is oversold.  MACD also indicates towards this possibility. The divergence between MACD line and signal line has increased to -0.43. The above three technical analysis tools suggest that stock price is likely to go up.
PAY Technical chart
 Verifone Technical Analysis Chart by

Facebook Stock Technical Analysis

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) stock price is rising to 100 days moving average line. Facebook stock has recently breached the 100 day moving average line which has been providing support in last six months. While there is a possibility that 100 day moving average may act as a resistance to Facebook stock, MACD suggests that Facebook stock is likely to go up. The MACD divergence is wide at -0.39.
FB Technical chart
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SAP Technologies Technical Analysis

SAP (NYSE:SAP) stock price is touching the lower of the Bollinger bands. Last time the price hit the lower band on Jan 9th the stock price moved up. The RSI indicator also indicates that the stock is oversold. The stock is currently having an RSI of 26.6 which is below the oversold limit of 30. SAP stock price has fallen from $67.11 to $63.56 on Tuesday.
SAP Technical chart
SAP Technical Analysis Charts by

Cree Stock Technical Analysis

Cree (NASDAQ:CREE) stock price has recently breached 20 days moving average. The stock is continuing its upward movement towards 50 day moving average line. The recent increase in volume indicates that the stock is having enough momentum to carry it over 50 day moving average mark. MACD also gives a bullish signal. The MACD line crossed the signal line confirming that the stock is likely to move up.
CREE Technical chart
Cree Technical Analysis Charts by

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