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BlackBerry stock technical analysis:

BlackBerry (BBRY) technical charts indicate that the share price might move in downward direction. BlackBerry’s stock has breached 20 day, 50 day and 100 days moving averages, on Friday. These will act as a resistance to the stock price. Also, MACD signal line has crossed MACD line from below. Both the above signals indicate that BlakBerry's stock price might decline in next few trades.  Previously on December 5th the signal line crossed MACD line, after which the stock declined. The RSI of 41.82 on that day, also indicated decline in price. However, BlackBerry’s stock price has hit the lower bound of the Bollinger band, which signals a trend where stock price is likely to move up.


Source: BlackBerry Technical Analysis Chart by Amigobulls

Autodesk stock technical analysis:

The RSI of 33.08 for Autodesk (ADSK) shows that the company is nearing oversold position, indicating that the stock price may go up in near future. RSI below 30 indicates that the company’s stock is oversold. Autodesk stock price is currently trading at $57.29. On October 16th when the company was at its six month low $49.89 RSI indicated that the stock is oversold and the price will move up. In next fortnight the company’s share price moved up by around 18%. Same was the case on December 17th when RSI indicated that the stock was oversold and the stock price again moved up from $56 to $61 in next ten days.

The company’s stock price is approaching 100 day moving average from above. The 100 day moving average is more likely to act as a support for the stock price. Previously, on January 7th and December 16th the 100 day moving average has acted as a support.

Source: Aut0desk Technical Analysis Chart by Amigobulls

Google Stock Technical Analysis

Google (GOOGL) stock price has declined from $540 to $500 in post-holiday season trade. The MACD divergence of -2.62 gives a bearish signals.  Google stock price might continue to decline in next few trades. Previously, n November 19th when the signal line crossed MACD line, Google stock price declined. Currently Google's stock price is trading below its 100 day and 500 day moving average.

Source: Google Technical Analysis Chart by Amigobulls


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