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A number of insiders at various companies transacted over the last week, some of which we couldn't ignore. This is where we list the major insider trades which occurred over the last few days. The insiders at Responsys Inc. (NASDAQ:MKTG), provider of cloud based marketing software and services, offloaded 119,500 shares of the company’s stock in the open market for a total value of $1.7 million. The most notable sale of 75,000 shares was by Olrich Scott V, president of marketing and platform, pocketing close to $1.13 million. Olrich Scott currently holds 337,000 shares of the company’s stock.

Pickus Joshua, President and CEO at Inc. (NASDAQ:SPRT), provider of cloud based services which enhances customer experience with technology, offloaded 319,000 shares in a single transaction on Sep 6. The CEO sold the stock at an average price of $5.55, taking home a cool $1.77 million. Post-transaction the CEO holds 136,375 shares of the company’s stock.

The last week saw heavy insider selling at Cornerstone OnDemand Inc. (NASDAQ:CSOD), provider of talent management, learning and management software, with key members of the management offloading over 115,800 shares of the company’s stock for a total value of over $6 million. The biggest seller among the insiders was CFO Wallack Perry A, selling 75,000 shares in two transactions for a total value of $3.8 million. This is however a fraction of the current market cap of the company at $2.74 billion and the CFO still holds 330,000 shares of the company’s stock following the sale.

Wygod Martin, Chairman of the board at WebMD Health corp (NASDAQ:WBMD), provider of health information services, sold over 61,500 shares of WebMD stock in two transactions on the 5th and 6th of September. The Chairman sold the WebMD stock at an average price of $32.92 for a total transaction value just over $2 Million. The sale represented a small portion of the chairman’s total stock holding in the company, which currently consists of over 1 million shares.

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