The Week That Went By (Sep 09 – Sep 13)

The second week of September saw its share of interesting developments in the world of internet companies. The week saw EBay Inc.’s (NASDAQ:EBAY) acquisition of, a start-up analyzing online sales price data. EBay will use the team to provide data analytics support to eBay sellers to enable them to better understand their buyers. eBay has remained tight lipped about the acquisition value paid but it is known that the start-up had earlier raised close to $17 million of funding from VC firms.  eBay stock saw an increase of 2.3% in the four days of trading post the acquisition announcement. View our eBay stock analysis.

The week also saw the launch of Yahoo! Screen, Yahoo Inc.’s (NASDAQ:YHOO) video app. The company, under Marissa Mayers, has been focusing on becoming a personalized service and getting more share of the time people spend on the internet. Yahoo! Screen is yahoo’s attempt to benefit from the increasing time people are spending online watching and surfing video. The company also launched eight new TV series which will be broadcast on Yahoo Screen. The Yahoo stock price moved up by 3.3% over the last week closing the last trading session at $29.26.

Another exciting and significant event last week saw the eagerly awaited launch of the new iPhones (5S and 5C) by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). The company announced a few new features in the iPhone 5S, but its pricing of the iPhone 5C took everybody by surprise. The company has been getting criticism for its price of the 5C, which was far higher than expectations. The apple stock price has taken a hit, having fallen 5.82% in three days following the new releases.

Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) troubles with privacy issues continued through last week. The company’s recent change to its privacy policy has landed the company in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission. The regulator said the company had not sought its permission before making any changes to its privacy policy. There have been appeals by privacy protection groups against the change in the social networking giant’s privacy policy. Facebook now faces an investigation by the FTC to see if the changes to its privacy policy breach any terms of an earlier agreement signed between the FTC and Facebook. The impending investigation did not weigh down the stock as the Facebook stock price continued its steady increase closing the week at $ 44.31, a weekly gain of 4%. View our Facebook stock analysis.

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