Twitter Earnings Q1 2015


  • Twitter earnings for Q1 2015 are due to be reported on 28 April.
  • Twitter valuations are expensive,  going into Q1 earnings.
  • User growth, engagement levels and profit margins are the number to watch out for.

Twitter Earnings Q1 2015 Preview Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to this Twitter earnings videograph.

Twitter Earnings Date & Schedule

Twitter (NASDAQ:TWTR) is scheduled to report its earnings for Q1 2015, post market hours on the 28th of April, followed by its earnings call at 5 PM eastern standard time.

Twitter Q1 2015 Earnings Analyst Estimates

Analysts expect Twitter to report a revenue of 456 million Dollars, clocking a year on year growth of 82%. As for Twitter's non GAAP earnings per share, analysts expect the company to deliver an EPS of 4 cents a share.

Twitter Q1 Earnings Key Numbers

Twitter showed a significant improvement in its profitability, towards the end of 2014. We'll be keen to see if Twitter can continue that trend, and report an improvement in margins compared to Q1 last year. Twitter's slowing growth has been an ongoing concern. We'll be keeping an eye on this number, because it's critical to Twitter's long term growth. User engagement is another aspect that Twitter will want to improve upon. Twitter's timeline views per active user have declined consistently in 2014.

Twitter Valuations

Investors should bear in mind that Twitter valuations are quite steep, going into Q1 earnings. Any disappointments in its earnings release, are likely to drag to stock post earnings. Thanks for watching this video. For more videos about your favorite stocks, always visit

Our Twitter stock analysis gives you a quick look at key fundamentals like operating and free cash flows, debt and more post Twitter's Q4 2014 earnings release. If you're evaluating Twitter, our latest Twitter stock analysis videos and Facebook stock analysis videos might interest you.

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