What's The Verdict On GoPro Stock At Near All Time Lows?

GoPro stock is near its all time low, down to just over $20 a share, but does that make the stock attractive? Since going public in June 2014, GoPro stock rose from about $24 a share at the time of the IPO, to almost $87 a share at its peak, in October 2014. However, since the phenomenal run in the initial three months, the stock has gone steadily downhill. GoPro shares now trade at just over $20 per share, well below its IPO price of $24, after the recent Q3 earnings miss, dragged by weak Hero 4 Session sales. Based on recent posts by two of our guest authors, investors would do well to wait for the company to unveil the next set of growth drivers, before entering the stock, based purely on the fact that GoPro's stock price is near its all time lows.

For starters, GoPro admittedly overpriced its Hero 4 Session camera. Further, the company's content initiative hasn't taken off the way onlookers imagined it would. What's worse according to some analysts is the company's buybacks. GoPro raised funds when it went public just about two years ago. The fact that GoPro is not putting these funds to better use, and instead buying back stocks, could be discouraging to some. GoPro is facing an increasing amount of competition from smaller competitors, and the pace of new camera launches has been slower than some would have expected. The fact that one of GoPro's top investors has been exiting the stock, and what it means for investors, was also the subject of a recent post on Motley Fool. One recent post submitted by a guest author suggests that GoPro should leverage its brand value and move into newer areas, beyond cameras alone.

Watch this video for a quick roundup of all the key factors you should consider while you evaluate GoPro. Oh! and this one is a mildly bullish view. Do share your feedback, comments or any other ideas, and our authors will be happy to write back to you.

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