Yandex Earnings Q1 2015


  • Yandex is down by about 36% YTD, in spite of the 27% recent rally in stock price.
  • Yandex valuations are attractive going into Q1 earnings, with a strong upside potential.
  • However, the macro economic uncertainties surrounding the Russian economy, make it a risky bet right now.

Yandex Earnings Q1 2015 Preview: Video Trasnscript

Hello and welcome to this Yandex earnings videograph.

Yandex Q1 2015 Earnings Schedule

Yandex earnings for Q1 2015, are due to be announced on the 28th of April, prior to market hours, followed by the company's earnings call, at 8 AM Eastern standard time.

Yandex Q1 Earnings Analyst Estimates

Analysts expect Yandex to deliver a year on year revenue growth of 15%, which is in line with the company's guidance for the quarter. The non gap Earnings per share is expected to decline in Q1.

Yandex Revenue Growth & Profitability

Yandex (NASDAQ:YNDX) managed to deliver healthy revenue growth in 2015, clocking a growth of 28.5%, in spite of the geo political and macro economic challenges. Impressively, in 2014, Yandex also managed to report better operating margins than its peers Baidu and Google.

Yandex Stock Price Movement

With crude oil prices rising above the 50 Dollar mark, a positive for the Russian economy, Yandex has risen by about 27% in just over a month. However, under pressure due to the macroeconomic uncertainties surrounding the Russian economy, the stock is still down by over 36% since the beginning of 2015.

Yandex Valuations

Yandex is a financially robust company and currently trades at lower valuation multiples when compared to Baidu and Google. Based on a relative valuation, Yandex valuations indicate an upside potential of nearly 17%. However, the current uncertainties around the Russian economy make it a risky investment option right now.

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