Top 10 Long/Short Estimize Signal Scores [Week 3/13]

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Top 10 Long/Short Estimize Signal Scores
Monday, March 13, 2017

The Estimize Signal has identified the following 20 stocks to have the highest likelihood of positive and negative drift around their earnings today. The Signal is calculated by consolidating several predictive factors within Estimize’s earnings estimates collected from 45,000 buy side, independent, and amateur analysts.
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Top 10 Positive Signal Scores
Highlest likelihood of a positive pre/post earnings drift
1 MXPT MaxPoint Interactive
Wed, Mar 8
99.73 post
2 VVUS Vivus
Wed, Mar 8
99.73 post
3 SSYS Stratasys
Thu, Mar 9
95.87 post
4 KRO Kronos Worldwide
Fri, Mar 10
95.23 post
5 CMTL Comtech Telecomm.
Wed, Mar 8
92.53 post
6 RUBI The Rubicon Project
Tue, Mar 14
84.81 pre
7 CECE CECO Environmental
Thu, Mar 9
79.09 post
8 AMOT Allied Motion Technologies
Tue, Mar 14
71.40 pre
9 NWPX Northwest Pipe Company
Wed, Mar 8
68.82 post
10 TSL Trina Solar Limited
Mon, Mar 20
67.23 pre
Bottom 10 Negative Signal Scores
Highlest likelihood of a negative pre/post earnings drift
1 FNHC Federated National Holding Co
Thu, Mar 9
-99.73 post
2 HZN Horizon Global Corp
Thu, Mar 9
-99.46 post
3 GTT GTT Communications
Wed, Mar 8
-99.46 post
4 RMTI Rockwell Medical
Tue, Mar 21
-96.52 pre
5 ACTG Acacia Research
Thu, Mar 9
-94.32 post
6 KEYW KEYW Holding
Wed, Mar 8
-93.91 post
7 SCVL Shoe Carnival
Thu, Mar 23
-89.85 pre
8 REIS Reis Inc
Thu, Mar 9
-89.63 post
9 MNKD MannKind
Thu, Mar 16
-85.86 pre
10 ENT Global Eagle Entertainment
Mon, Mar 20
-84.10 pre
We’ve tested the Signal’s predictive power as a stock selection signal in isolation over the last 5 years and it produced 23.1% returns and 1.75 sharpe. The Signal is best utilized in a dollar neutral portfolio consisting of the top and bottom decile of scores rebalanced daily at the open using a new score delivered via email or FTP/API. Want to get set up with premium access? Email us »
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