Stock Screener: Computer and Technology , Semiconductor-Discretes

The Computer and Technology sector comprises of stocks which are into research, development, maintenance, and distribution of goods or services which involve computer technology. Companies which manufacture electronic devices, computer software which can be a sold as a product or as a service, or provide information technology services belong to this sector.
Semiconductor-Discretes belongs to the sector Computer and Technology. This industry has a Market Cap of 29.51B. The top rated companies for Semiconductor-Discretes industry are: Tokyo Electron (TOELY) , Vishay (VSH) , Cree (CREE).

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Company Stock Rating Market Cap PE Ratio 1W 52W
Vishay (VSH)
3.2/5 2.69B 48.78 2.85% 39.92%
Cree (CREE)
2.2/5 2.57B - 0.38% -7.76%
Tokyo Electron (TOELY) - 24.25B 22.95 4.73% 71.06%