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Apple Analysis Video

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Apple company analysis shows that not only has it been one of the most innovative companies of the decade, but it has also been among the best tech stocks, and has grown to become one of the largest companies by market cap. Based on our Apple stock analysis, we expect that the earnings growth will not be slowing down anytime in the near future, and investors can still expect good returns.

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Apple Inc. Stock Rating (3.9/5)

Should you buy AAPL stock?

  • Revenue growth has been tremendous with a compounded annual growth of 9.1% over the last 5 years.
  • Apple's average operating margin of 26.9% was exceptional.
  • LTM Net margins were good at 20.7% for Apple.
  • AAPL stock is trading at an earnings multiple of 17.6 which is better than the industry average of 26.4.
  • Apple has an attractive ROIC (Return on Invested Capital) of 22.9%
  • Return On Equity (ROE) which is a measure of the company's profitability, looks great for Apple at 35.1%.
  • The company has a healthy free cash flow margin of 18.1%.

Should you sell AAPL stock?

  • With a debt/equity ratio of  0.74, Apple is highly leveraged in comparison to Computer and Technology peers.

Comments on this video and Apple stock

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abinas.roy on Apple stock analysis ($143.5)
it can reach 179$
user profile picture
virendra on Apple stock analysis ($143.5)
The more important question is when? What timeframe are you looking at?
Ruthie on Apple stock analysis ($145.42)
There have a potential to grow.... more and more
arnulacroix22 on Apple stock analysis ($146.53)
$AAPL - Apple now world's number one wearables seller
tavern123 on Apple stock analysis ($115.19)
I own AAPL, but my break-even is 123.00. I am confident AAPL will reach and, in time , surpass 123. I will keep being invested until then.
How far will AAPL grow in the future, is a good question? Competition in the iPhone business is stiff, and I believe the Chinese will take a chunk of the market. Has AAPL reached a "steady state", that is the question?

1 reply
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SmartStocks on Apple stock analysis ($108.43)
I saw AAPL on at on the income portfolio list, good quality are on that list!
2 reply
ahlai on Apple stock analysis ($108.43)
Can Apple touch 116.00 by end Nov
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Francis Jacob Christian on Apple stock analysis ($116.3)
Have a human tell me this...
4 reply on Apple stock analysis ($94.56)
I would not invest in Apple because what is the next new thing? Company has rely on single product innovations but everything is changing... look what happen to HP, IBM, ETC... Shares will stay the same or go down
4 2 reply
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tedmcgovern on Apple stock analysis ($109.81)
Apple has a billion devices in the world. Each one is wired to app stores and i tunes. They have so many avenues to make money, and they are knocked for maintaining at such a high level. I personally believe it is severely undervalued.
7 2 reply
HarryG on Apple stock analysis ($112.98)
5 1 reply
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Jimmy Witts on Apple stock analysis ($98.38)
Short and Medium Term = Neutral
Long Term = Bearish
4 5 reply
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neena@amigobulls on Apple stock analysis ($531.7)
Why apple is no longer a growth company. Phones and tablets getting commoditized and Apple is not able to find a new breakthrough product. They must be missing Steve Jobs!
6 10 reply
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steve.hane on Apple stock analysis ($102.13)
What do you think of Apple now that it's back at an all time high?

Apple stock analysis reveals that it is one of the best performing stocks of the decade. The company has consistently come out with innovative products. Recent patent applications show that Apple will remain a growth stock, and the same will also be reflected in a financial analysis of Apple Inc. One such patent shows how electronic devices such as the iPhone could be used to detect temperature, pressure etc.; another describes a touch sensitive button that can prevent accidental inputs; yet another one which uses face detection and recognition for personal computing and device control; and many more. The company has also patented a way to make sapphire screens stronger.

Apple Inc financial analysis also highlights the huge pile of cash the company is currently sitting on. Even after initiating massive buybacks of Apple shares, the firm has a huge cash reserve as seen in the Apple balance sheet. Apple had over $231 billion (as of June, 2016).

Our financial analysis of Apple also highlights the growth in Apple revenue, profit margins, and the total assets of Apple. In addition to this, Apple industry analysis proves that it is a value stock when we compare valuation metrics against industry average. For example, Apple is trading at a fairly reasonable PE, as seen from Apple PE ratio chart, when compared with peers and the industry average.


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