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The latest 200-Q5 ONESAVINGS BANK revenue is 0M. Compare ONESAVINGS BANK revenue chart with BANK OF NT BUTR revenue, BGEO GROUP PLC revenue.


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You can do annual as well as quarterly comparisons of ONESAVINGS BANK net sales with its competitor companies like BANK OF NT BUTR, BGEO GROUP PLC. Over the 5 year period ONESAVINGS BANK revenue in 2016 was highest at 336.73M.


* Past 5 years Range

Max OSVBF Revenue $336.73M Dec, 2016
Min OSVBF Revenue $336.73M Dec, 2016

ONESAVINGS BANK Annual Revenue VS Peers

2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
ONESAVINGS BANK Revenue $336.73M----------------
BANK OF NT BUTR Revenue $424.66M$397.78M$418.95M--------
Banco Latinoamericano Revenue $258.66M$248.69M$238.66M$215.49M$228.93M
Grupo Supervielle Revenue $1.04B$11.23B------------
Revenue or net sales is the total amount of money that a company brings in through its various business activities before any costs or expenses are deducted. Revenue is also known as the topline or net sales or gross income. Revenue is for a specific period of time and appears as the "top line" in an income statement. By subtracting the costs or expenses from ONESAVINGS BANK topline, we arrive at the bottom line for the company. Growing revenues over a period of time generally indicate that the company is in good health, however other factors need to be factored. Revenue can be calculated in two ways based on the type of accounting followed: accrual accounting or cashflow accounting. It is useful to compare ONESAVINGS BANK revenue with peers BANK OF NT BUTR topline, BGEO GROUP PLC topline, Banco Latinoamericano topline; to see how the company is doing with respect to its peers.