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$4.14 $0.04 (0.98%) SACH stock closing price Jun 20, 2018 (Closing)
The latest 2018-Q1 SACHEM CAPITAL revenue is 2.72M. Compare SACHEM CAPITAL revenue chart with TMSR HOLDING CO revenue, MOGO FIN TECH revenue.

SACH Revenue Chart

Quarterly Annual
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You can do annual as well as quarterly comparisons of SACHEM CAPITAL net sales with its competitor companies like TMSR HOLDING CO, MOGO FIN TECH. Over the 5 year period SACHEM CAPITAL revenue in 2017 was highest at 6.99M. In the latest quarter, SACH revenue 2018-Q1 has changed from 2.22M to 2.72M implying an increase of 22.52%.

SACHEM CAPITAL Quarterly Revenue

* Past 5 years Range

Max SACH Revenue $2.72M Mar, 2018
Min SACH Revenue $0.87M Mar, 2016


* Past 5 years Range

Max SACH Revenue $6.99M Dec, 2017
Min SACH Revenue $1.55M Dec, 2014

SACHEM CAPITAL Annual Revenue VS Peers

2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
SACHEM CAPITAL Revenue $6.99M$4.13M$2.78M$1.55M----
Emergent Capital Revenue $51.87M$1.11M$46.89M$43.81M$89.07M
Revenue, Sales, Turnover or net sales basically describes the Dollar value of transactions that result in incomes to a business as a result of business or operating activities during a specific period of time. Most often, this number is reported on a quarterly or annual basis. Since this features right at the top of an income statement, or profit and loss statement, also known as the statement of operations, the line item is also known as the ‘top line’ for a company. Other commonly used phrases include gross income and income from operations under IFRS. When you deduct expenses, costs and overheads, you arrive at the profit figure. For instance, when you net off SACHEM CAPITAL revenue with SACHEM CAPITAL expenses, the figure that you arrive at will be SACHEM CAPITAL profit. This profit is also known as the bottom line due to its proximity to the bottom on the income statement. Growing top line numbers are a sign of financial health. That said, sales cannot be viewed on a standalone basis without considering profits, because ultimately, businesses are run with the aim of making profits after covering costs. Revenue can be calculated in two ways based on the type of accounting followed: accrual accounting or cashflow accounting. It’s a good exercise to to compare SACHEM CAPITAL revenue with that of its peers. For instance, you can compare ASF Group topline, with Athens Bancshares topline, ALIMCO FINL CP topline, etc to assess how the company is doing with respect to its peers.