Tesla Inc Stock Analysis (NASDAQ:TSLA)

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Tesla Inc
Updated on : Jul 20, 2017
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Sector:   Auto-Tires-Trucks.   *PE adjusted for one time items.
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Tesla Inc Analysis Video

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Tesla’s revenue has constantly climbed higher as the company is putting all its efforts to expand its topline. This has led to the creation of massive infrastructure causing Amazon’s assets to balloon. Tesla’s stock analysis highlights the contradiction in the exponential growth of its topline and its non-existent bottom line. After the years of operations many investors had started questioning if the zero profit business model of the company will allow it to survive in this heavily contested arena in the future.

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Tesla Inc Stock Rating (2.8/5)

Should you buy TSLA stock?

  • Tesla Inc sales grew by 135.1% year on year in 2017 Q1.

Should you sell TSLA stock?

  • Tesla Inc is debt laden and has a high debt/equity ratio of  1.41.
  • Tesla Inc has a negative FCF (Free Cash Flow) margin of -23.1%.
  • The company has a negative free cash flow yield of -3.04%.

Comments on this video and Tesla Inc stock

arnulacroix22 on Tesla Inc stock analysis ($295.46)
$TSLA 's Model 3 update: Latest is not the greatest; CEO Elon Musk busy educating consumers http://crweworld.com/australia/trendingn...
joeinslw on Tesla Inc stock analysis ($244.9)
It not like these people haven't downgraded Tesla (tsla) before, because they have and others besides.
Guess what...I have been invested and watching tsla for 5 years, and in all that time when they predicted tsla would go down, they were all wrong, because every time they make those predictions, tsla went up in the past, so it's your risk if your not on board.
I'm not saying that tsla stock can't go down because it might, but what I am saying is that Tesla is an amazing American company with it's CEO at the US President's table, and this President likes and wants American companies to do well.
Need I say more except to say don't miss the the Trump train, it could leave the station at any time, and if your not on board look in the mirror, it's his fault.
1 reply
joeinslw on Tesla Inc stock analysis ($269.23)
I have been following and invested in tsla ever since early 2012, and all during that time I realized one thing, Tesla Motors will be successful in the end.
I believe the reason is so many people are waiting for the Model 3 to come to market, and when it does, all of the negative items you hear on these annalists video's will turn positive, and then it may be to late to make any real profits.
What I have been waiting for is the opening of the giga factory, and when that opened recently, you saw a rise in stock price even though they are spending a lot of money.
However with that said, what growing new company doesn't spend a lot of money, especially when that money is being spent right back into the company?
There is another factor people seem to forget, and that is Tesla's C.E.O. Mr. Elon Musk who is a member on Elon Musk Joins Trump's Economic Advisory Board, and that this company C.E.O. backs Tesla Motors 100%, so if your concerned, don't be, when it comes to Tesla Motors, Mr. Musk is involved with every situation.
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Mike-Zaman on Tesla Inc stock analysis ($191)
Watch Tesla Motors, Inc. (TSLA) stock @ current levels. The company said that it delivered 10,030 cars in the first quarter of 2015, which is a new company record for the most deliveries in a quarter and represents a 55% increase year over year

Read more at Mike Zaman website http://mikezaman.com/33403/stocks/tesla-...
1 1 reply
coliban on Tesla Inc stock analysis ($207.45)
Yes, thats no miracle, because they tripled the negative cash flow in 2015, so they now can burn even more money with every produced car. I think, that is unique in the whole automobile industry: instead of reducing the costs per car, Musk is extending the cash burning rate every quarter, thats ingenious...

Tesla’s price trend has reflected this debate which has led to stagnation and volatility in Tesla stock price. Tesla stock price history shows that the stock has performed much better than its competitors since its listing. The company has managed to grow its revenues at fast pace. Tesla’s financial analysis also shows a lot of room for cost cutting, which should help the company to boost its profits.

Tesla PE ratio chart is non existent because of lack of profits. However, Tesla is making strong progress towards achieving profitability. The company has released new models which will help in continuing the strong revenue growth and achieving profitability. The increasing awareness about global warming and climate change will also help in driving demand for Tesla's electric cars.