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Company (Ticker) Price Change (%) Previous Close Open Day's Range
Amazon (AMZN) 1028.7 1.83 (0.18) 1026.87 1031.59 1022.52 - 1034.97
Facebook (FB) 164.53 0.39 (0.24) 164.14 164.8 162.81 - 165
Apple (AAPL) 150.34 -0.68 (-0.45) 151.02 151.5 150.19 - 151.74

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Company Price rises above$(one time alert) Price drops below$(one time alert) Price rises by %(daily alert) Price drops by %(daily alert) 52 Wk high-low(daily alert) Enable
AMZN (1028.7 0.18%) As of Jul 20, 2017
FB (164.53 0.24%) As of Jul 20, 2017
AAPL (150.34 0.45%) As of Jul 20, 2017